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The Doodle Addict T-Shirt
by Emily Whittaker

"I used up 3 fabric pens in the process of doodling this, but it was
worth it! I spent a snowy Friday off work sat at the dining table
scribbling away listening the BBC Radio 4. If I look at different
parts of the doodle, I can remember bits about what I was listening to
at the time, nothing distinct though, more like remembering bits of a
dream. I find doodling this way very therapeutic, I can keep my brain
occupied with the radio while I keep the rest of me in a zen-like
state of meditative doodling calm!"


Hugo Posted Jan 11, 2010
Wow, so much detail. How did you even achieve this on fabric???

Emily Whittaker
Emily Whittaker Posted Jan 12, 2010
Well, admittedly I did go a bit cross-eyed! It might have been the detail, or it might have been the pen fumes... who knows!

maya Posted Jan 12, 2010
amazing! its like traditional folk outfit. :) brilliant work!

okat Posted Jan 12, 2010
So great... and amazing symmetry for a free hand doodle.

Lisa Currie
Lisa Currie Posted Jan 23, 2010
heaps pretty :)

Jim Bradshaw
Jim Bradshaw Posted Feb 23, 2010
You must have some serious OCD. LOL.

daniel hunt
daniel hunt Posted Jun 6, 2010
woweee this well good!!!
i love fabric pens!!!

Jessica Jean Davies
Jessica Jean Davies Posted Jun 30, 2010
i wish i could do that :O beautiful.

Gretchen Fyffe
Gretchen Fyffe Posted Jul 6, 2010
i also admire the symmetry of your design. may i ask you what brand or type of fabric pen you like the best? all i have ever used on fabric was a sharpie, but if something works better, i definitely would want to know. thanks!

Amy Windridge
Amy Windridge Posted Apr 1, 2011
Oh wow! (and yes, pen fumes and Radio Four all the way!!)

Aditi Deo
Aditi Deo Posted Aug 21, 2011
Hey! This is beautiful!!! :)
And what you said about doodling as meditation resonates with so well with me! Often, even years after I have made a really intricate doodle while listening to some music, I can recall bits and pieces like the music too were etched into it!

Vincenzo Annunziata
Vincenzo Annunziata Posted Sep 15, 2011
Wow - that's stunning, absolutely beautiful!

AndHeDrew Posted Nov 18, 2011
Incredible! You have mad doodling skills. That's pretty much all there is to say.

Esther Molina
Esther Molina Posted Feb 1, 2012
So beautiful!!! ^____^

Suzanne Urban
Suzanne Urban Posted Mar 24, 2012
This is part of why we create, that wonderful right brain experience that allows us to tap into another world. It's always my dream to work in my studio on a snowy day with a fun just-for me project.
Love your Tee.


Juanita Tan
Juanita Tan Posted Apr 12, 2012

Thomas A. Marino
Thomas A. Marino Posted Aug 13, 2012
very Zen!

cynthia eloise starr
cynthia eloise starr Posted Aug 24, 2012

Marilou Posted Aug 31, 2012
I love it ! Great work really !

Lily Reilly
Lily Reilly Posted Nov 1, 2012

Dawn M. Mecozzi
Dawn M. Mecozzi Posted Jan 30, 2013
I love what you did with the collar the whole design is awesome! You have inspired me!

Ktag Posted Jan 1, 2014
Can't get over the detail. Hats off!

kristel vigo
kristel vigo Posted Mar 10, 2014
this is awesome ;D

kristel vigo
kristel vigo Posted Mar 10, 2014
this is awesome ;D


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