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March 23, 2012

Let's Get Nostalgic: President Doodles

I started doing a drawing a day back in November with some friends on instagram. It started as a way for me to challenge myself everyday with some repetition and also to get more comfortable with being less perfect. My process for this challenge is pretty simple… I just try to stretch myself with materials, subject matter, time constraints, etc. I have found a great love for working in collage and incorporating drawing, typography, and construction paper. Like I said it's a unique opportunity to break out of client work and explore materials and myself at the same time.

I often go to thrift stores looking for different things that I can use in pieces that I am making. I find pulling from the past and combining it with what I naturally do gives work a nostalgic feel that I love. On one adventure to some thrift stores I came across a Presidential Flashcard set from the late 70's. It came with fantastic renditions of presidents on the front and interesting facts on the back. I was immediately drawn to the period clothes, hair and grooming styles.

I decided that I would draw every one of the presidents in the flashcard set and I would catalog it via instagram. I was / still am pretty overwhelmed with the responses to the drawings and encouragement that I have received from all kinds of people. It's a really amazing feeling to create something and have people respond to it. I encourage everyone to find a project and do it for a lengthy amount of time. Whether that is a drawing a day, writing thoughts down, making a song, giving your time to a cause, or even taking a walk. Projects that require commitment help sharpen your mind and will only enhance characteristics of yourself that will make you a stronger artist, friend, human, etc..etc. We are in this together!


okat Posted Mar 23, 2012
I love this set of drawings, it's definitely your calling. You have to keep them going current and beyond just the Presidents in the flash cards set. Pretty please.

vincent griffin
vincent griffin Posted Mar 23, 2012
Thanks Okat! I have some ideas for other series as well... :-)

Josh LaFayette
Josh LaFayette Posted Mar 23, 2012
Super, super cool, Vince! I love seeing a new prez every night! What media are you using in all of these drawings?

Hannah Bassett
Hannah Bassett Posted Mar 23, 2012
I wish there was an Alexander Hamilton picture, he's amaaaziinnggg

jenny schultz
jenny schultz Posted Mar 23, 2012
awesome stuff

Alex Summers
Alex Summers Posted Mar 23, 2012
its fun art.. i love it!

Alex Summers
Alex Summers Posted Mar 23, 2012
You're one of my favorite now.. Keep it up!

vincent griffin
vincent griffin Posted Mar 23, 2012
Hey Josh thanks so much! I mostly use a Pentel Sign Pen for the outlines and thicker lines. I have been experimenting with Micron 08's, Faber-Castell M's for the detail (hair, etc...) then I like to go back over in areas with a Copic Sketch gray marker. I also sometimes will collage in construction paper with the names on it just like in the above picture of Eisenhower. Thanks for all the compliments everyone! I appreciate it!

vincent griffin
vincent griffin Posted Mar 23, 2012
oh.... and I love love love collecting old books that I can draw on the pages without words. One of my favorite things!

Carlos Gerardo
Carlos Gerardo Posted Mar 23, 2012
this is a very inspirational write up, thank you very much for the post vincent.

Kirby Peterson
Kirby Peterson Posted Mar 23, 2012
I like these drawings and can definitely relate on the project. I started doing a "drawing a day" type project in March of 2010 but using Photoshop. One of the main goals is just to create one image a day with Photoshop so that I can sort of teach myself Photoshop and learn by doing. I also include some words that I come up with myself. Some days I like the image, other days just the words, other days I don't like either or I think it's an all-around good work. That's something I've learned about doing this, some days you have good days where you like your own work and other days you don't and you kind of just have to work through it. If you'd like to see what I've done so far, feel free to check out If you do, let me know what you think! (Drop a comment, follow me or whatnot! :) )
~Take Care!

Kirby Peterson
Kirby Peterson Posted Mar 23, 2012
I mean *May of 2010

Suzanne Urban
Suzanne Urban Posted Mar 24, 2012
Wonderful, wonderful exercise! Would make a great tee with president and favorite quote of that one president, perhaps Lincoln?


Sam LaValley
Sam LaValley Posted Mar 25, 2012
You make the presidents look so darling, Vincent Griffin (:

vincent griffin
vincent griffin Posted Mar 26, 2012
Thank you everyone! Kirby that sounds like an awesome project! It definitely sounds like a great way to get familiar with that program. Carlos & Magic Purple Cat thank you so much for the kind words! As far as making t-shirts... I haven't really thought about it but it sounds like a great idea!

Muxxi Posted Mar 27, 2012
Amazing project Vincent, you make me want to draw!

vincent griffin
vincent griffin Posted Mar 28, 2012
Thanks Muxxi! Love your work!

ghd Posted Mar 30, 2012
awesome stuff


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