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Hello, my name is Chelsea Slay, and I am a doodle addict.

User Faves
Change Joy
Drawing with Carly Jean Andrews
Tumblr of the Week: Dirty Library
Mark It Up

Plunge Into the Shadows
The Space Between
An Uncommon Parisian
From Street to Cardboard

Would you like a doodled portrait with that coffee?
When A Doodler Feels Lost
From Ear to Ear
12 Drawings A Day

Big in Japan
Chronic Bitchface and Other Such Things!
A Tiny Red Book of Love
I See People in the Crowd

Excuse Me Sir, Will You Please Vandalize My School Shoes?
Collaboration At Its Best
Not Your Average Textbook Situation
Unexpected Sketchbooks Of An Architect

Girlie Pains
A Drawing a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Winding and Weaving
Drugs Influence on Art

Art is Forever
It Bleeds
In a Sea of Sketchbooks

Ema's Scrapbook
All My Pistachios
The Drawings of Speak Cryptic

She Will Not Rest
Night of the Drawn Dead
Almost Chaotic
Invented Stories

From Sketches to Carved Coins
A Drawn Prayer
Girls, Girls, Girls.
Featured: John Malta

Member Spotlight: Zoe Chantal
Everyone Has A Story To Tell
Winning Drawings
Untold Stories

Sketch Diaries
Member Spotlight: Murray Somerville
Ridiculous Skill
Abstract Thoughts

The Great Beard Adventure
Giveaway: A Hand-Drawn Portrait of You by Jamie Tao
Strange Dreams
Member Spotlight: Wilmer Murillo

The Structure of the Universe
Member Spotlight: Jacob Livengood
Feeding the Forest Ghost
Netflix Envelope Doodles

Giveaway: Drawn In by Julia Rothman
That's a lot of People
Robot Fetish
8 Days in Paris

Building Blocks
The Trip by Michelle Lasalvia(Process + Install)
Freedom of Mind
Sidewalk Scribble

He Thinks A Lot
Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture
This is Me

Some Video Game Humor
A Case for Snail Mail
Member Spotlight: Laura Lea

Free and Cool, volume 5
Raindrops, Cats & Hearts
Featured: Clemens Behr
Making the Grade

Draw Here. Draw There.
Yelp Yack
Sex, Comedy and Animals
Member Spotlight: Ed Milsom

Like a Whisper
Black Magic Woman
Somewhere in the City
You Are What You Draw

The Making of…
Heart Music Video Backdrop
Tell the Truth
August's Guest Contributor: Tom Hovey

Sunday Grins! with Gemma Correll
GIVEAWAY: The BIG Team Colouring Book!
Watercolor, Baby.

Take Me With You
It's Pencil vs. Camera!
Member Spotlight: Matt Saunders
Bleeding Knees Can Be Fancy

Chisel Away
Lots of Black
Just Draw It
My Kind of Folk

So Much Goodness
Doodle. Stencil. Spray.
Imaginary Friend
It's Like Candy

Something Glorious Is About To Happen
Fill It Up
Life Is Really Funny Sometimes
In Transit

Doodle Recall
A Sofa Collaboration
Jingle Jangle

Fan Mail, Part I
365 Days of Monsters
Lost and Found
The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Magazine Doodles
Magic Jelly
The Melting Pot

Questionable Characters
Nothing but Italy...
Its A Doodle Really
Paper to Street

Drink and Draw
Unflattering Portraits
Start to Draw Your Life
No Other Explanation

Erratic, Unfinished and Dirty
Nap time!
Hello, strangers.

Chubby Swinger Kid
I Melt With You
Body Doodle

This Charming Oaf
You Were Better When You Used Porno Graphic Images in Your Artwork
Wonderfully Gross
It Is Unclear

Emma Kidd (post 2.0)
Adventures in Ink Spills
Naive Nostalgia
The Winning Drawings

What She Wore Today
Just a Splash
The Unknown Barista Doodler
In Some Shape or Form

Sonmi Doodles!
Little Black Books
It Left an Impression

Giveaway: 'This Is Not a Book' by Keri Smith
This Too Helps
November’s Guest Contributor: uberkraaft

'This Is Not a Book'Submissions and Winners
Learn Something Every Day
Artworks on Book Pages
Cover Stars

The Effects of Too Much Television and Coffee
Off The Pages
Featured: Morgan Blair
Something Will Happen

Digital Doodles
The Wonderful World of Amelie Labarthe
I Don't Know

February's Guest Contributor:Jim Bradshaw
A Doodler's Doodler
Life As I Go
A Dream of Beauty and Balance

Life Pushes Through the Cracks
To Whom It May Concern
The Travel Sketchbook

No Whitespace
Drawn to Sketchy Characters
Release Your Inner Child
Awkwardly Fantastic

When Inside Comes Out

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