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Hello, my name is Allison Chen, and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
Hot damn, this is wonderful. And the other side of the sheet is like another layer to the drawings.

I'm obsessed with hoarding useless crap and trying to make something useful out of it, like used paper and receipts and scrap wood. I actually upcycled shopping bags into backpacks and tote bags for my 3D final.

This makes for sweet wallpaper

Love these, the page with the hair and the diamonds especially.

I love Gabby\'s art! And these collaborative projects are always so much fun.

These are awesome!

This is so inspiring! Now I really want to make my own stop-motion sketchbook.

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Doodlers Anonymous

Hi, I'm an Industrial Design student at the Rhode Island School of Design. I have a great love for scribbles and doodles.

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