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Hello, my name is Donna Duff,
and I am a doodle addict.

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My obsession....LIFE! That is living it- I feel the need to rescue people from boring mundane lives and introduce them to how much fun they could be having creating. Doodling during meetings is another obsession. I can retain so much more if the pen is moving then I do with the back of my eyelids which seems to happen if the hand is not active.

Love this idea, perfect to carry anywhere and small enough to doodle anything in those moments when the dulldrums hit.

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Doodlers Anonymous

A constant doodler who has had to take many a stand against anti-doodling sorts. If I have a cause it would be to promote more doodling! Doodling helps one stay alert during boring meetings or class. Doodling helps with memory, calms nerves, helps make friends if you are an introvert, and most of all, it is just plain fun. As an educator, I promote doodling for my classes have even written it in Individual Educational Plans (IEP) for an accomodation for kids I know it helps to have a visual and to calm that ADHD thing going on. Have grown kids who doodle and I guess my husband, the coach, can count those "x and o's" on everything from paper napkins to plastic sacks- he carries sharpies, could be considered doodles. Yes, I was actually one of the rare mom's who got excited when my son doodled on the wall at the age of 3. So excited to have found this site!

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