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Hello, my name is Julius Tanag, and I am a doodle addict.

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I still make mix cds...

i obsess over having things clean. if things aren't clean, then they need to be. they need to be this way, they need to be that way. wires need to be twist tied and put away from vision. papers need to be organized by shape, size and type of use. i use tiles as grids to they can align with each other. fridge must be organized: bottles shall be arranged from shortest to tallest, ensuring viewability upon opening door. electronics with electronics, tools and hardware with tools and hardware, similar things with similar things, ensuring the smallest portion of miscellaneous, which go towards future garage sales.

oh and i love chris, been a huge fan of him :) ill buy his book (again) still even if i get it for freeeeeeeeeeeeeee

these are awesome!!!

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