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Hello, my name is dana haim,
and I am a doodle addict.

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If doodling is a language, everyone speaks it
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January's Guest Contributor:Dana Haim

Recent Comments
I like your attitude, never stop over feeling....

Thanks! so happy to be here..x

wow , super inspiring... very dream like... love the wolf

Couldn't agree more. Nothing more beautiful than the simplicity of a line. Or a dot. Being a user of many colors, I do really appreciate the simplicity and boldness of black white , and everything in between. Great post.

great work , love the chickens clawless legs- would love to get into some After Effects, but too intimidated to scratch the surface, any thoughts?

Great first post Jim, i like her doodles ....

now that I know about it , I definitely would like to be in... so sad I missed the Totem project. I LOVE totems.... but scribble train sounds equally awesome....

really beautiful... so simple and poetic, love that they are etchings as well...

I remember doing needle scratching on recycled soda can, just scratching out some drawing on the metal and then inking it and stamping it... I may be forgetting one or two steps, but I know there is a simple DIY way to do some fun etching like work. Worth experimentations I think.

thanks for all the kind words guys... so glad you like it..=) an seriously , go to these places, they will beef up all your sketch books like no other.......

love these... really great.... they show you that it doesn't take much to make something really beautiful

All I'm gonna say is that its a shame that these shoes were too big for my small feet , because I LOVE all these fun responses... come to think of it , I should have done one anyway.... well done everyone, congrats Beatriz and enjoy them.. they are super cool...

oh and my second choice would have been to the guy trying to get his ex girlfriend back by getting her these heels....

that looks fun.

where can i get those rain boots?

really really great stuff.

I love them all !! She is a real inspiration....I want to become a professional illustrator too!

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Doodlers Anonymous

I am a student in London getting my MA in Textile Futures. I have always been a doodler , and will always be a doodler.

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