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Hello, my name is Mandy van Goeije, and I am a doodle addict.

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SO beautiful!!! Love the economic, but insane use of colour! Love the toning and shading and what a great mix of realism and surrealism. Normally I don't care for vintage very much, but I like it in these pictures...adds to the stories. Fits the dreamy and fairy-tale like atmosphere..."once upon a time...." Well, I guess these drawings get my imagination going. Great work!

Wish I could draw like this...seems so simple and yet... Great work and beautiful use of colour. Really fits the style of the drawings.

Totally insane! Incredibly beautiful. Wow. This one leaves me speechless for a while.

So cute! Having such graffiti around must make every passer-by happy!

Love, love, love these! Have a thing for guts and brains as well...really like the doodle style!

Wow! Intense! I would love to see more. And how beautifully these people are drawn!

Wow! Daring! And great!

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Doodlers Anonymous
Average mom on the outside.
Twisted brain on the inside channelling onto paper.

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