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Hello, my name is Sretan Bor,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments

one of better drawings that i have seen in a long time!!!!

keep on man!!!!!!

wow!!!!!....... first one with black houses and DO NOT BOTHER drawing is awesome.... L O V E I T !!!!!!!!!

zines looks great.... i make books myself but didn`t made any zine yet...... i will have to change that hehe

on croatian MOGU means I CAN! hehe.... great drawings!

great great.... love that monochrome backgrounds!!!

looks pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

I`m glad that Camila`s work is one of the winners

if i remember it right, that was the only abstract one in the whole competition

Links works fine here... but just to be sure:
Gwendoline flickr -
Gwendoline blog -

Thank you Jamie on this warm welcome :)
And thank you Anja :) I hope to draw some walls in Slovenia again soon... in fact, the last one in this post is from Slovenia. I think the name of the place is Kramberg... some abandoned outdoor swimingpool

hehe yes that could look pretty cool :)

I hope he makes it :)
It's that kind of idea that deserves it

I was glad to find him too =)

link for her PAPIER GACHÉ package:

hehe i meant peek :)
thanks for correction
(note to myself: check twice)

good stuff, goooooood stuff!

It was a real pleasure writing about her work... also, that is why it took me so long :)

love it love it :)

love his stuff

Artist: EmaEmaEma
here is her Flickr:

you made some really nice posts :)


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