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Hello, my name is scobot,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
These ARE great! Thanks for posting!

THANK YOU for sharing this!!! Doodles, sketches, space! All my favorites. What an awesome collection. \r\n\r\nI always feel like there is so much more NASA could do as far as \"put this stuff in a book and sell it!\" - but considering anything commissioned by the government (and paid for by tax payers) is Public Domain, I guess they may feel uneasy about charging \"twice\" for it. Still, I think it would be a cool book :) Thanks again!

Very cool! It\'s an exciting partnership. I\'m inspired to create more doodles! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

So fun! I\'m a big fan of B&W doodles, but I really like her use of color here. It\'s got me reconsidering \"color\" :)

Very cool \"modern\" art style, I really like it. Love the music too! Lots of talented people out there!

Envious. I love my home studio with my cats, but the idea of bouncing ideas off of other creatives is very cool. Would help from getting \"tunnel vision\" or obsessive about one thing. (Though I\'d have to watch my language while working on the computer.)

Wow indeed. Talent is talent, so I imagine his \"large\" paintings look just as fantastic.

Great Flickr pool of inspiration! (that sounded like a swear word! lol - in a good way.)

I really like the sensation of scrolling down to see these images in this post, it kind of adds an element of a \"reveal\" or a \"punch-line\" - a cool effect. Got me thinking that\'s all :) makes me consider how art is presented in this \"tablet age\". Hmmm....

Thanks for sharing! Love his work. \r\n\r\nIt would be cool if there was a \"sketchbook press\" where artists share their sketchbooks and people could buy copies printed on demand. I\'d buy all of McFee\'s!

Super cool. I really like seeing the before and after. I\'ll have to start looking up more often!

Good lord that IS a ton of work! It almost makes it painful to watch. :) impressive and yes, awesome.

There is a nice joy to his work - whether that is intended or not, it seems to come through :)

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