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Hello, my name is La cuenta cuentos, and I am a doodle addict.

Draw Your Destination Showcase
Showcase #4
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Showcase #14: Egg Draw
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She Will Not Rest
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We're All In This Together
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Magna Doodle, I Love You
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Showcase #4: Draw Your Destination
Gone Forever

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An Apple a Day...
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Showcase #1: Napkin Doodle

Color Here and There
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August's Guest Contributor: Tom Hovey

Member Spotlight: Muxxi
Games and Exercises
Giveaway: We're A Happy Family
GIVEAWAY: The BIG Team Colouring Book!

Words to Live By
Living Life Like Good Homosapiens
Doodle on Cotton

Recent Comments
mr. imagination itself. he wears a coat made of crayons and while I draw, he dances to inspire me. I color at the rythm of his music.

Oh yes I will!! I'm going to take it everywhere!! :) THANK YOU MARIA!! This is awesome.

Oh yes I will!! I'm going to take it everywhere!! :) THANK YOU MARIA!! This is awesome.

"This is not a book" by Keri Smith. :)

(: This is awesome!!! I'm going to parrrticipate.
And happy bday, let's doddle to celebrate!

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