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Hello, my name is AndHeDrew,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
These are absolutely incredible! The intricacy and the detail is amazing. What an innovator!

That's pretty insane. A little psychologically disturbing, but beautiful.

She has a very peaceful blog.
Those moustaches are very incredible.

I love them. Great hand-done tattooing. Here's my version:
Not exactly the same, but close enough. :-)

Brilliant idea! I look foreword to seeing more of these compilation posts. I need to get instagram...

Wow, these are cool. I love the pixel-art-like isometric perspective.

Wow, cool! Really unique style. I love all of the faces, etc incorporated into each drawing. There's really a lot to look at!

Brrrr. These are a bit disturbing, aren't they? I really like the first one, but I'm not sure this style appeals to me.

I love these! The detail, the detail! Awesome, meticulous work. I would go crazy if I tried this. Well done!

What a strange, eclectic mix of doodles! the music fit perfectly. Very cool!

That is completely awesome.

Great stuff. You have a wonderful eye for type and ornamentation! Thanks for sharing.

Meticulous and crazy in all the best ways. Great stuff.

Wow, it's wonderful that someone saved this. Seminal stuff like this is fascinating to look at years later. Bravo!

I need to find these museums where people draw on each other...they look like more fun.

These are wonderful. I really like the natural, loose feel. They're only tightly controlled in the most important areas, which gives these drawings a really bustling life.

That's amazing! Ooy, what a tremendous output.

Austere and beautiful. I really like the feel of these doodles: they're really good.

Type like this makes me want to cry with happiness.

Drool. I love type like this. Lovely! Typography...*swoon*

Awesome. I'll have to participate in the future.

What a brilliant idea. This is the kind of creativity that inherently sparks more creativity!

Amazing abstract doodles. I love this kind of art- it's so energetic and lively.

Those are pretty nice. It almost feels like an emotional image journal.

Incredible! What a mind. I wonder what lead to that fist idea: "maybe I could draw on dirty cars..."

I obsess about writing, good food, and doodling!

That first one is amazing. I wish I could see it 5x bigger. Reminds me a bit of \"Where\'s Waldo\".

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