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Hello, my name is Carlos Gerardo, and I am a doodle addict.

Egg Draw Showcase
Showcase #14
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Doodlebomb Showcase
Showcase #13
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User Faves
The Many Faces of Walter White
February's Guest Contributor: Amaia Arrazola
Loose Narrative
Good Habits, Clean Living

Wild Sketchbooks
Member Spotlight: Rik Catlow
Sketchbook Envy
A Slice of Life

The Most Versatile Woman To Ever Live
In Good Company
Going Postal
All My Pistachios

The Underground Art School
The Many Faces of a Toilet Paper Roll
An Illustrated Daily Life
Emma Kidd (post 2.0)

White With Fear
Tiny Notions
One-Thousand Drawing Project
Tell the Truth

Do You Have Protection?
Make It A Go
Strange Dreams
Dear Katie

Ema's Scrapbook
Draw Here. Draw There.
The Need for Something Else
Member Spotlight: Ed Milsom

Little Black Books
Book After Book
Ridiculous Skill
OPPY = Lisa Currie = Family

Music and Lyrics
Nap time!
Member Spotlight: Alex Eben Meyer

The Great Beard Adventure
Doodling Around Town
Giveaway: So Far So Good
It Left an Impression

MetroCard Doodles
Life As I Go
Drawn Observation
Fan Mail, Part III

The Insanity of Claudio
A Doodler's Doodler
Some Video Game Humor
Sky High

Say Draw Hello
Doodle Recall
The Winning Drawings

Swamp Donkey
Walls, Bags and Everything Else
Unflattering Portraits

Robot Fetish
Speak Up
Giveaway: The Alphabet Series
Nothing but Italy...

Workshop Workshop
Learn Something Every Day
8 Days in Paris
Lines and Halftones

Member Spotlight: Jim Kaufmann
Words to Live By
From Paper to Concrete
Fresh Outta Art School

Mayís Guest Contributor: Wirrow
The Ultimate Warrior
Creatures from the Ground
Spontaneous Combustion

In the Thick of It
Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture
My Kind of Folk
Member Spotlight: Murray Somerville

Great Heights
Wall Doodlin' with Tosco
Student Doodles

No Need for a Clean-Up
Untold Stories
Fill It Up
Novemberís Guest Contributor: uberkraaft

Pretty Sketchy
This Too Helps

Something Glorious Is About To Happen
Freedom of Mind
Juneís Guest Contributor: Josh LaFayette

8861 Miles
Sketch Diaries
Imaginary Friend
I Don't Know

Anonymous Postcard
The Travel Sketchbook
Member Spotlight: Matt Saunders
No Other Explanation

Life Is Really Funny Sometimes
August's Guest Contributor: Tom Hovey
That's How She Sees Things
Maybe Four By Six

Gold Leaf, Closed Eyes, Tear Drops and of course, Tea
So Many Lines
Brain Trust
It's Pencil vs. Camera!

Paper to Street
Junk Doodle/uberkraaft Winner
No Whitespace
Have We Met?

Somewhere in the City
Anytime, Anywhere
Win an Uber-Doodle

Recent Comments
you just started a trend my friend.

"I have to return some videotapes."

-American Psycho

Brilliant work. Thanks for the share.

this is a very inspirational write up, thank you very much for the post vincent.

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i like creativity.

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