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Hello, my name is Esther Molina, and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
OMG! I enjoyed so much doing that, I can't wait to see the coloring book!!! ^__________^
Lots of hugs!!!

Amazing... So beautiful decoration on the walls.

Amazing!!! I just love it!!!

So cute and fun!!! I am actually thinking about organize a tea cup biscuit dipping championship at home, he, he, he!!! ^___^

Recently I started to draw Vespas, so, this post is very inspiring!!! ^______^

It is true, I love the color combination she does and the happy feeling of her drawings ^_____^

Super cute!!! ^_____^

LOVELY!!!! ^______^

I\'m just in love of his doodles ^_____________^

Absolutely lovely... I wish to meet her someday... ^____^

A M A A A A A Z I N G... ^_________________________^

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Doodlers Anonymous
Hi! My name is Esther Molina and I`m from Barcelona, Spain. I live in Japan from 9 years ago and I love doodle art ^_____^.

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