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Hello, my name is Kelly McGinnis, and I am a doodle addict.

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Has anyone here ever seen the movie, American Astronaut? It's an independent film, sort of under the radar. The film itself is mixed media, as the budget didn't allow for too many special effects. The scenes that couldn't be done any other way were drawn. This movie, and the soundtrack for the movie is what I listen to when I'm doodling. The Billy Nair Band did the music. Perfecto.

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Things that make me tick:

Movies. Books. Doodling. Movies. Books. Doodling. Shiny objects. Halloween. Documentaries. Independent film. Any independent film. All independent film. Sci-fi! People watching. Winning arguments. Being a devil\'s advocate. Scouring Craigslist instead of working. Writing. Video games. Doodling, or more importantly the quiet thought process of doodling. Empanadas. Drinking. Stealing office supplies (I mean borrowing). Bowling. Traveling. Snack foods. Making toast. Making candles. Camping. Floating on inflatable \"floaties\" on the lake. Eating frosting on graham crackers. Tulips. Chess. Kittens. Kung-Fu. Puppies. History. Science. Blueberry/Banana smoothies. Reading the paper. Antique stores/junk shops. Travel. The intarrrnet on my beeping and whirring high tech computarrr machine. Robots. Road trips. Iced tea. Coffee. Caffeine in general. Carving pumpkins. Burritos. Making people laugh. Laughing at people (I mean WITH). Plotting to take over the world. Ketchup. Wadding my gum up in important papers that I shouldn\'t be wadding my gum up in. Swearing profusely at pedestrians when I\'m driving (not really). Swearing profusely at cars when I\'m a pedestrian (maybe on the inside). Shiny objects. Lucid dreaming. Things otherworldly. Physics. Learning. Finding The Way. Creating. Wishing my dogs understood english. Wishing I spoke \"dog\". Playing pool at dive bars. Being a rock star in my shower. Old photographs. Watching an entire TV series on DVD in one sitting. Taking walks. Ghost stories. Driving to nowhere in particular. Dog parks. Ferryboat rides. Onion rings. Scrabble. Going out for really long and satisfying breakfasts with good friends. Wondering what makes people tick. Conversation. Getting lost. Attempting to be creative and sometimes succedding. Animation. Sleeping, ah sleeping.

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