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Hello, my name is Sara Le Dapperfish, and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
This is so great, I am in complete awe. I really admire this kind of work. Probably my new favourite! Just looking at all those little sketchbooks fuels my brain.

Your website is an endless source of inspiration, I've lost count of the amazing artists I have discovered and revisited through this blog. Thank you!

looove her.

this is rather amazing.
some people's work really do make you feel worthless.

how beautiful! i'm going to send this to everyone!

That reminds me how much I used to love colouring books. Need to get this for my niece.

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Doodlers Anonymous
The Dapperfish, commonly known by Sara, is the last known individual of the Piscis Praeclaurus species. The Dapperfish was first seen in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, where it continues to live. Sara is estimated to be 7 to 4000 years of age, and is in good health, despite its countless deadly vices.

You can usually find it sitting confortably near caffeinated beverages, chewing on pencils, tearing pages off sketchbooks.

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