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Hello, my name is Terry Horn,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
The first one is so fun, reminds me of some of Daniel johnston's artwork.

Some of these are absolutely beautiful; inkmutt, alshepmcr / al shep, restless::things / olivia jeffries, etc...

Very beautiful.

I love Jim B's stuff, matter of fact, I have one of his images tattooed on my arm.

JB- I'd be happy to send you a photo if you like.

These are absolutely beautiful. I love journals and sketchbooks, especially ones that have so much going on on each page you can spend hours on a single page. Beautiful.

These are hilarious. I especially like the one in the telephone booth.

Looks like some people I know who live back home in Alabama. Great stuff! Funny.

Absolutely stunning work. The last one is my favorite, very striking.

My students make fun of me because I have at least two sketchbooks with me at all times. These are very striking and funny.

I want too...

These are really nice, a little disturbing, but nice.

These are so beautiful... I love art that is so involved and requires the viewer to really concentrate on what's going on.

"The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil" by George Saunders

Maybe would should set up a mixed tape/cd swap with original art on the cover. I used to love making them myself. My wife still has a bunch of the old mixed tapes/cd's I made for her complete with original artwork. They're nice to hear and see what I was into at that time.

Right now I'm really into listening to Earth, Ghost, Sleep, Melvins, and Fantomas while I doodle or paint.

There is something beautiful about circles.

I am obsessed with music and art, but in particular cigar boxes. I make musical instruments out of old cigar boxes and I paint/draw on them as well.

Reminds me of a less messy Ralph Steadman. Really good work, wish my ink work looked so nice.

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Avid doodler. Instrument builder. Musician. High school art teacher.

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