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Hello, my name is dias,
and I am a doodle addict.

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i wish i had a pen tablet. ive been doing all my graphic work (3 years now) with a mouse and more recently the macbooks finger pad. But i know how you feel about the computer, ive recently started to draw again, not as often as i want but ive managed to at least knock one doodle a day and put sometime into my work when i have it.
good job on the sidewalk work!

pretty damn good fun stuff, are these straight pen? or sketched first.

damn, i try and do one pen drawing a day. its difficult especially text. good job!

really nice stuff! some of his hcaracters are reminiscent of kilroy

simple solutions to complex situations. dope

i love letters, letter study letter study!

i found some rail spikes at the yard swamp monkey cut the fence and sprayed his name

wow, that was amazing... seriously. probably the best website ive ever experienced, great way to integrate the photos with music and drawing.

i'm digging the super chromatic monsters, nice work all together.

these are really nice. i especially like the variety in the lines and the ghostly erased effect.

mswsita is awesome haha

hasnt this guy done a few animations? i could be wrong.

yea i was thinking of blu haha

my girlfriend would love these, as do i.

cool, live right by there.

a 10 gallon hat on holds 3/4 gallon.

my birthday one haha

i see freegums, man i havent had a chance to go anywhere ive been busy painting walls.

this reminds me of a drawing a did a few months back.

wow, this is. amazing. seriously

this is awesome stuff, im not so sure about the hand being the re-occurring image in all drawings, i feel that the paper is enough.

id like to sit to myself on the train but myself from 3 years ago so i can tell myself that when i get back to 3 years ago not to do certain things so that i wont be here typing this about myself sitting next to myself on a train.

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i do stuff, pretty soon it will be all over.

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