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Hello, my name is Alan Scott,
and I am a doodle addict.

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How does it work when looking at the escalator with the naked eye? Do the stickers animate? I never did a similar thing. I once stayed near a fence that had gaps that attracted the eye as you walked past. I figured that if I stuck drawing on the back it would work as an animation for those who looked when walking past. Never did it - damn!

I've avoided cups of tea as procrastination - I just make sure I have one by me constantly all day every day while I work. It works better than the beer did.

Rushing about in London but still people watching as I do - (and mental sketching (ie drawing in one's head without needing the paper and pencil) anyone else do that?). I was taken by a tattooed punk with a great coloured mohican haircut. Later on the way to catch the train I rushed to the station loo. Threw open an unlocked cubicle door and there was the very same guy sitting on the pan. Oops sorry sez I rapidly closing the door. Then on the train I recorded the event in my moleskin since it was seared into my memory.

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Doodlers Anonymous

I am an addicted doodler, the about page of doodlers anonymous describes me very well except that concrete is one surface that I can't remember doodling on in any doodlyfugue state - as yet. I also make cartoons, animate and illustrate.

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