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Hello, my name is Sara Harper,
and I am a doodle addict.

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hahahaha the calling in fat one is awesome. I think I'll do that tomorrow...also the lightbulb is beautiful. Great ideas and perfectly done.

Ugh these are incredible - I love doing patterns:) the lightness of the art is so beautiful...really trippy too, I have a feeling they'd blow my mind should I ever be under the influence...

hahaha silly silly stuff. love it. for some reason your style reminds me of beevis and butthead (not in a bad way, just a funny way)

This is so beautiful. I love it way too much.You could make a million different shirts out of these and sell them and people would totally buy them.

Good job girl, it's a really cool drawing:)

this is SUCHHHHHH a great post, I want a t shirt of them in little square cameos all over the front and back:)

hahahaah the undies are so good! and the sewing kit, I love it :)

WOW that pink design is incredible!!!! I'm really really tempted...

These are awesome. Really ridiculous, and really awesome. What a weird style/personality you have.

Awwwwwwww :) my heart is smiling

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