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Hello, my name is Natalie Perkins, and I am a doodle addict.

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What She Wore Today
Chubby Swinger Kid
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Its A Doodle Really
The Joys of Being Hands-On

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Doodling is a big part of my work - it really does help loosen up your hand and your brain. I think people dismiss the humble doodle too quickly!

This is a lovely drawing - I really feel for the chubby kid on the swings alone :(

I was in grade 8, and my first crush's name was Steve. We caught the bus together, and he was a year older than me. He always had flushed red cheeks, and I thought it was the most magical thing in the world. I wrote him love letters, and gave him one once... I'm not sure if I signed it, but I could never face him again.

I have thought about forming a collective between the Australian emerging illustrators that I know, but after reading this... I think I might act on it!

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I like to draw, be fancy, have lots of fun and not take myself too seriously.

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