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Hello, my name is Jim Bradshaw, and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
I am very inspired by your bird houses and your other art. I love your design sense and colors.

I've been hanging with Shane on Flickr for over a year now. He is a doodling mad man.

This looks like so much fun. I would love to see the finish.

I'm a big fan of Martin's work. Very inspirational.

Yes. That hand drawn feel is throughout his work. And yes, it feels like it all has the spontaneity of a well crafted doodle.

I like the way you are thinking, Uberkraaft.

What a cool idea! I like the way y'all think.

Just spent too much time grazing through the Flickr site. Thanks for the post uberkraaft.

Great find Jamie. I am feeling the need to be more spontaneous now. Can't wait to get off work and start chucking stuff on paper.

I couldn't agree with all the above more. Having passion means you have something to live for and sometimes so much that you have something worth dying for. Who wants to be without that? The intensity can be wearing but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Looks great. It was a fun and great idea. Kicking myself for letting busyness and business get in the way of participating.

Happy New Year, DA. This site fun, inspirational, and fortified with 12 essential vitamins. Thank you guys for making it such a great place to hang at.

For the kid in all of us, thanks, you guys!

and THAT is what a sketchbook needs to look like. I LOVE IT!!!

I'm a huge fan of b&w art and photography too. Love the post, OKAT.

This has my wife's name written all over it. Well, actually, it has a great doodle written all over it. Awesome shirt!

Very expressive stuff.

such a free flowing visual feast. thank you dana.

Oh man! Thanks for the warm welcome and warm comments. I look forward to contributing here amongst the doodle lovers.

What? A tattoo of my art? How cool! I would love to see how that turned out, Terry. And which piece you chose.

Dana - you did such a great job last month. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Maura - You deserve it. We are kindred procrastinators too. LOL. But it will be sweet when we get it together.

Terry - oh fun! My email is

Maura - thanks friend. [@__@]/

looks like a good time.

Poetic is a very good word to describe Kumi's art. I like that. It would be fun to learn etching some day.

I'm so excited that you guys are enjoying Maura's work.

Diana: I didn't realize it was Diana Koene at first. Good to see you here too. I have always enjoyed your crazy people doodles. I was going to feature you until I saw that Jamie beat me to it.

The minimal line and color says a lot. I agree that her style implies a quiet spirit.

Yay! Cool stuff. I love zines, especially free ones. Thanks Okat.

tyler and uberkraaft - thanks you guys. •__•

Your welcome. I'm glad you guys like. •__•

Now those are some fun moleskine pages.

Yeah Okat, same thing happily happened to me. Your right Maura about the Coberesqueness (new word). I was a huge Cober fan back in the 80s. Now I'm off to go revisit his stuff. Wonderful line work and subject matter!

LOL! Yeah my brain spilled out for sure. It wasn't pretty. There's nothing like an unwieldy deadline to sharpen the senses and push me beyond my expectations. I'm not really a comic artist so this was kind of new ground. I am so excited for all the stretchy learning stuff that went down on this project. Thanks for letting me share.

Oh man! This makes me want to get out my inks, dyes, and watercolors. Beautiful stuff.

LOL. Nothin' has a plan-a, like a big ripe banana. And now I need a yarn version of a slice of pepperoni. Funny stuff.

Thanks Maura and Jay. Yeah, without that deadline dilemma, I was going nowhere fast. I'm not used to a writing assignment like that. The dilemma became the premise and it wouldn't have worked out any other way. I had to bleed to succeed. Hahaa. Life is funny sometimes.

...and I know by your Flickr that you dig chickens, Ines. ;)

I love the top guy sleeping on the sidewalk. I would put that on my studio wall.

Nice selection of stuff Jaime. I already spent way too much time on just 2 of them. I have more to look forward to. Yes Flickr is awesome.

I visited her site and there is some inspiring things happening there. Nice find.

Wow! Nice find Jamie. I love the blue, red, black, white palette.

It was great to be reminded to just draw anything and everything instead of waiting for time to do more thought out stuff. Too much non drawing time elapses when we wait and the simple fun of just putting a pen or pencil to paper gets lost. Thanks for the post OKAT.

YES! Congrats Lisa. You deserve it. And congrats to the DA team that just got better.

Mia's drawings are fun. Yeah, that elephant tree is great little idea.

I just had a great time at Simon's site! Thanks for the post Thereza.

Now I'm wishing that berries grew on my head. Who needs hair? This series is fun Lisa. I love seeing how the creative mind thinks out loud.

this is extremely outta the box, fun thinking. what an awesome idea.

Great post Thereza. I love zines and look forward to having time to check out the ones you mentioned.

Thanks for those kind words Lisa. You should be proud of yourself. I don't put on that dress for just anyone. Thank you everyone else for your nice comments.

how much fun would that be if we could all get together and do that?

I love this shirt doodle Jamie. And the distressed heart is a great touch. I keep forgetting about this project. Okay, after seeing this fine piece of inspiration, count me in too!

I would like to order a large if you get enough hands to raise.

Great month Thereza! Thanks for all your posts but for me the fav of all favs was the zine post. I still have so much to explore.

I'm so glad that there are homosapiens that can draw like this. Super find Jamie!

I love the variety of styles and techniques. I'm at work and now feel compelled to doodle on something. If I get in trouble, it's all your fault. \[•__•]/

Gemma's simple style and sense of humor always makes me smile!

Welcome Tom. 90 minutes a day in your moleskine must be a beautiful thing!

She is REALLY good! I need to check out more as soon as I get some time.

So colorful! Looks like the giraffe is ready to spit out whatever is hanging out in it's cheek.

Ooooo, fun!!! Congrats on getting this great idea up and running.

Cool stuff. I like the whole modern/primitive thing he has going.

This stuff is bursting with color and energy!

It's everything I love about sketchbooks. Playful, messy, personal and full of energy. I love it!!!

What a great sketchbook! I agree Jamie. Let's do it!!!

Yay Wilmer! Wilmer and I have been Flickr friends for some time. I love his stuff.

Seriously Doyleyboy. They have wheels on them. It's like saying, "steal me" all over it. I love the juxtaposition of beauty and trash.

I love the fun, dreamy worlds from Muxxi. Looking forward to seeing the stuff that inspires her.

I agree with OKAT. A fave post for sure. And she gets her wish. This made me VERY HAPPY!!!

How do people figure this stuff out? I love these!

This is pure doodling magic!

Your cut paper illustrations are beautiful, Sara and thank you for contributing this past month!

Yes! I\'ll take another scoop please.

thanks Lisa. \\[•~•]/

How can you not love Lisa\'s creative energy?!

I love kid art and Seth\'s is no exception. I think we have a future doodle addict on our hands. Yay to that!

So good!!! I\'m way inspired.

Mattias is a doodling machine! I don\'t think you\'ll ever find a more prolific moleskine artist.

This is an outstanding sketchbook!!! Makes me feel like an underachiever.

I\'m totally in love with that green lady and all the little doodles around her. Sweet indeed!!!

Lili Scratchy is making me want to go straight home and attack my moleskine.

Love the space. Especially that floor. It looks like a very inspiring environment to create in.

Great little monster doodles!

I just watched this for the first time. It will no doubt not be the last!

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