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Hello, my name is elvia montemayor, and I am a doodle addict.

Doodle Your Ride Showcase
Showcase #17
3 Faves
A Scary Halloween Draw Showcase
Showcase #16
4 Faves

Doodle Our Wall Showcase
Showcase #7
7 Faves
February Calendar Draw Showcase
Showcase #6
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User Faves
The Fantastical and Imaginary
Tumblr of the Week: Skye Lane Art
Extraordinary Illustrations on Ordinary Objects
Craving a Hug Right Now

Member Spotlight: Daniel Jamie Williams
Professional Illustrator Collaborates with 4-Year-Old
The Many Faces of Walter White
Tumblr of the Week: Everything is Vibrating

Kaleidoscope to the Sky
The Space Between
Famous Floating Heads
Welcome to My House

The Magic in a Book
Dinner Can Wait, Watch This!
Mr (not so) Frivolous

I Love Hate Mail
Member Spotlight: Rik Catlow
This Book Will Ignite Your Creativity
Belly by Julia Pott

Chronic Bitchface and Other Such Things!
Member Spotlight: Luis Campos
This Precious Thing In My Clumsy Hands
All You Gotta Do Is Repeat After Me

Look Up and You'll Miss It
All My Pistachios
White With Fear
Milk Does A Sketchbook Good

An Illustrated Daily Life
Surreal Dreamy Drawings
With Love from Pueyrredon Ville
Going Postal

Showcase #7: Doodle Our Wall
Living Life Like Good Homosapiens

Watercolor, Baby.
Color Here and There
Finger People Among Others
The Family of Balloon Doodles

Gone Forever
Character Builder
Like a Whisper
No Need for a Clean-Up

Making the Grade
Yay! The Doodlers Anonymous2012 Hand-Drawn/Illustrated Calendar!

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I am obsessed in doodling all day long abc's mostly.

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