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Hello, my name is Crystal Lyon, and I am a doodle addict.

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i am a fan of the narative, and i have been trying to write this book, a work of fantasy, for about 8 years now. i find myself getting to know the characters better when i draw them out, and i am able to describe them with more detail when i have a drawing of them in front of me. for the past few years, however, i feel like things have been shifting for me, and i find myself becoming increasingly interested in illustration for childrens books. that, and i am totally stuck at the moment, and i feel a bit of a release when i draw other things beside the serious. i have been drawing up very random things, like a kiwi thinking about ice cream, just letting my brain throw up on paper and getting it all out. interestingly enough, most of it is good stuff, and good excerise for my imagination. i find that doodling random characters also helps me get back to the more serious ones. madi's work makes me smile and reminds me that that i shouldn't be so serious all the time, and shouldn't be so hard on myself (because when i feel i don't draw things good enough, that i am just a crap artist). but doodling is powerful. it can be playful, or serious. it can be a good outlet. i really like this work. it is up lifting, playful, interesting, and inspiring. i really need to finish a children's book before i jump back into hardcore fantasy.

i have tried several times to complete a novel for national writing month, but the closest i have ever gotten is 20,000 words in that time frame (and i am sure most of it was crap). i think i may be more successful with sketchbook month. i would truly like to participate. is their a website?

very interesting. i have never thought of it as an art formed before, but now that i think of it, i have seen some rather interesting doodles on skin. (i tattooed one of my doodles on my big toe.)

i always loved my father's dragon. i would revisit it many times over. i made the dragon when i was in elementary school out of a milk carton, painted it, and i kept it until i went to college, when i revisited it again, i re-illustrated the cover, and again this past year, i digitally colored in the pages. i love those books! i always wanted my own dragon!!!

i so wanted in on this, but didn't discover it until it was too late.

i will participate! where do you go?

oh. found it! that us pretty sweet.

this is way fun. when i make videos at work they tend to me slightly idiotic and silly, in all fun of course. this actually was a little bit more mature than what i have done. other than doodling at work.

that is great! i feel like that too. i have just finished up two degrees in art, and now i work at a grocery store while trying to make art (and submit it and share it). the main reason why i want to make loads of money is so i can do my extremely intense, large, and expensive projects! the grocery store just doesn't cut it!

. . . i make alot of tea. the last bit i related to the most, about over complicating things. . . . i am going to make a cup of tea.

these are great. anubis vs. the rain is priceless indeed.

i love this stuff! lots of colorful energy.

i am a huge fan of video and animation. this peice is inspiring, and i think that it is great.

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Doodlers Anonymous
i doodle. alot. in fact, i had one of my doodles tattooed on my big toe. i even convinced my sister to get the same one.

i am a recent graduate, and have finally earned my bfa, and i am trying to figure out what to do with myself now. i would like to get my mfa, and a second bfa in art history, but i am lost at the moment, and searching for answers, and adventuring in my between years. i have given myself a max-time of 2 years to figure it out, and in the mean time, i am just trying to make art, be it doodling, painting, videos, whatever. art is my life.

trying to find the courage to share.

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