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Hello, my name is Nix Sidhe,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Nom nom nom nom.

Such full pages. I'm trying to work towards this.

I obsess over creepy old antiques and scary stuff!

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Doodlers Anonymous
The only constant is change.

Even if I stay in one physical place, I may not be in the same place mentally, emotionally, or spiritually from one day to the next. Some people see this as flighty, I see it as human and realistic.

I am an eternal work in progress. I may come off as cold and unfriendly until I'm comfortable around you. (Although, truth be told, no one will ever accuse me of being roseate.) I exist in my own space and time, and the only period of time when what is "appropriate" will matter at all is when I'm at work. Outside of that 8 hours a day I am a literal "free for all." I am fun, funny, inappropriate, outlandish, outspoken, free spirited, jovial, silly, quiet, brooding, sad, honest, and completely unashamed of myself in anyway. I am usually known for being unapologetic about who I am.

I really truly do love myself and I do my best to help other people love themselves too. It's not as hard as you think, although the general public will immediately deem you vain/conceited/egocentric. Be prepared and well armed with ways to make them love themselves too.

I am excited by the on going quest to learn more, do more, create more, meet more people, and better myself in any and all ways. If you're someone who likes to help or someone who needs help let's be friends.

If you want to get to know me better than this, just email me. Send me a message. I love trading doodles!

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