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Hello, my name is may chan,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
my very 1st crush...was on this hot blonde and blue eye boy i saw at a beach resort , i think i was 11.
on the beach, at the pool, at the cafe we were there! i was with my friends,he was with his family and he joined us for a huge dig up on the beach one day, we didnt talk...i was too shy! :)
on the last day of my stay, i actually slipped... or did i just left my address on the doorstep of his room he was staying wif his family.but did not hear any news from him.oh was just a crush. :)

whoa,the list will be long; i guarantee it but hey here's my inspirations:

1.god is an astronaut
2.revelry-kings of leon
4.jeff soto
5.mike perry
6.andrew j miller
7.this site!
8. my emotions and how i feel at the mo
9.people i meet, places i go
10.random phrases from friends
11.awaking life
12.tim burton
13.haruki murakami's dance dance dance shadow
15. and the list goes on....

but i do get at the spur of the moment inspirations while im at the wierdest location or wierdest time of the day,when i should really be sleeping.

i like!

i do know what you mean, ppl do get intrigue when you're head on stuck behind a book..doodling...specially in public open space i suppose.

hey jamie.nice.i do that actually pretty often.putting my thoughts into doodles.helps me deal, in some wierd way.
love the doodles. :)

"doodling schmoochelings snoodles doodles randomly floating in the great big world of strawberry swirls and colored sprinkles."

"piercing hearts are crying rainbow tears"

"rainbow swirls and roaring thunder"

"tangerine daisies and strawberry tears"

" the blindly lost and accused "

" piercing pain eyes"

"sleepy blackout bumble bee"

"sleepless linguini nights"

"moolah minchkins manifesto"

"googling eyes fetish parade"

"hot hot heat, water bowl on window seal"

"bouncing bubble babies"

"effing ironic day"

"moody mundane monday drew my lazy sunday away, grey clouds surrounded by four bleak orange walls"

"hope afloats, waterlily pads on cold cloudy mornings,hovering down the rough river waters"

"bubbles jumping jacks"

"heavyset eyes dreaming about cotton wool and gown feather pillows"

"moolah munchkins manifesto"

i like!
very raw, very child like!
reminds me of basquiet

super awesome! i like!

owning a doodle shirt from you...if and when you do have doodle tees...would be awesome dude!

yeah, i'd agree. its the same as taking a shot of yourself everyday n posting them up on your blog,but then again, its same same but different,which is a good thing.

hey okat, when is the next colouring book? i missed the dateline too...boooohooooo :(

thank you!!! terima kasih! xie xie!!!
draw more draw better! doodle more doodle better!!!

happy twenty ten!!

may the year of the tiger bring in more roars of success and loud bold colours of happiness!!!



superb perfection i might say!

loved everything about it...KUDOS!

super cool awesomeness!!!!

hey bob, couldn't agree more. it is indeed more than doodling,its almost like mix media.

hey,sarah ; thank you for the inspiration!

i eat,sleep,breathe,live doodling!

crazy skills dude...awesome.

love it, love it,love it!

empty walls, i can seem to let them be empty,hence doodling on empty white walls or anything bare and bleak is my obsession.other than that, i have an obsession about stacking up plates n what not after i finish a meal,special the bunchas at korean restaurants :)

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Doodlers Anonymous
im crazy and loud.i get trigger happy most of the times and i love food.basically, i love laughing out loud.i doodle most of the time,whenever i can, however i can.i am an art teacher,illustrator and an avid photographer. good food,good music,good film,great company and making art is all i ever need; well aside from making a name for myself in the big wide world ,that is.

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