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Hello, my name is Japooka Temptation Lulubelle Jones, and I am a doodle addict.

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I had my first crush in first grade. I was a weird, solitary little kid. I liked a boy named Lenny who got in trouble all the time for being disruptive. I saw him as a rebel and I loved that he did all the naughty things I wished I could. I didn't want to act up and jeopardize my good-girl rep. He walked home the same way I did, so I invited him over to swing on the swings at the neighbor's house. I jumped at the chance to hide in the bushes next to our driveway and kiss him. He gave me a pink plastic leaf he pulled off a plastic flower. His family moved away not long after that and I thought I'd never see him again. I always imagined that he was a super-secret agent and spy, doing daring deeds to defend his country. Fast forward to 2008. He googled himself and found a blog where I mentioned him and now we're friends again. Turns out he wasn't a rebel at all. He was deeply troubled. I was too, so no wonder we were drawn to each other. We both turned out OK, and we have a lot in common, even though I haven't seen him since we were like 7. Heart you, Lenny!

I can't eat any food that goes squish when you bite it, like blueberries, cherry tomatoes (they have to be cut in half first) and grapes.

Oh, and Caroline? Two words: glue hands.

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