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Hello, my name is Jamie Tao,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
Can't wait to see them all. :)

Today I started out the day with Radiohead's "15 Steps." Earphones always on full blast, so you can get lost in it.

Your scribbles are impeccable. It's insane how precise these are.

I was in the second grade. He had a thick unibrow and his hair was jet black. He was nerdy, painfully shy and didn't talk to many people. That intrigued me (even at 7 years old). I remember constantly tapping him on the shoulder and asking him to help me with my math. Thanks to him, I know all about long division.

I like this. Brings back happy memories.

I remember walking to the store every week to buy a popular Brazilian comic book series (Turma da MŰnica) which I read religiously.

Don't work too hard for the man, Chris. (And by the man, I mean okat) Looking forward to reading your posts.

Wow, thank you for the nice comments.

Collette, I have been using the pigma graphic, micron and brush pens lately. But the micron 05 is my favorite - not too thin, not too thick.

"Procrastination is thesaurasizing words in your emails."
So I'm not the only one? I love this post.

Can't tell you how happy I am about this.

Not a bad idea...

Love this entry. Love the colored pencils. Love that I get a set of these every single month. I just ordered mine. Impulsive maybe. But when I want something, I want it.

These are so good! Thanks for sharing this.

All the submissions were great, but Jake, your kitchen chair doodles made my mouth drop.

Absolutely love this sketchbook.

Yep, apparently he has a real aversion to Christmas.

So good! Thanks for sharing this, Jim.

Thanks for having great work. :)

Jim! Keep looking, you'll find goodies all around. :)

Indeed, all of her work is impressive.

Happy to related. :)

It was a fun afternoon indeed. Next time...we attack with infinite colors. :)

That's our goal, Jim. Let's make it happen. :)

Did I mention that I love the visuals on this postcard? Absolutely beautiful.

Get'er done, Jim. :)

Yep! Their etsy store is linked on this entry. So snatch something up. :)

I have that book, too. Did you steal it from my bookshelf?

Larry, I was drinking scotch, not by choice. We had run out of other choices.

One of us should ask him. :)

Hugo! Love this!

@Alexis, they are markers. But usually I'll just grab whatever I have lying around that's colorful. :)

That's the plan, Ellie. We just have to pick one city that we can all be in.

Oooh! I'm telling. :)

One of my faves as well. :)

Thanks, Hugo. I actually bought the two pillows on the right, by Julia Pott and CharmaineOlivia.

Air balloons! Weee! I love it. Nicely done.

Thanks, Hugo! If only I had more time. :)

I look forward to your posts, Mario! DA is a happy, cozy place. Welcome!

That's a trick question! I always buy my books because of their covers. ;-)

"This movie sucked." - is my favorite. I'll draw something up and add to this fun collection.

I love this entry. But I also love your words.

Hahahha. No sneaky Petes here. I need you to send me your address. Via e-mail, of course. :D

So glad you like it. I had fun drawing you guys!

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