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Hello, my name is Steven Try,
and I am a doodle addict.

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We meet in bars and all doodle together, between 2 and 12 of us, all starting doodles and passing them on to the next person. It raises more than an eyebrow from time to time. People don't expect to see that sort of thing. If it weren't for the motion of the train etc I'd be all for it. We might stick to the bars though, more to do with the relaxed atmosphere (alcohol) than anything else.

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Doodlers Anonymous
I'm a doodler from the UK who has decided to doodle with others, not keeping the pleasure for myself but sharing it. I run a couple of groups at the minute where people turn up and we collaborate on group doodles. There's no agenda, no rules, we just just enjoy the simple pleasure of creating something together. Take a look at the website or the blog http// for an idea of what we do. I'm looking for people to collaborate online with, so if you have a graphics tablet or are handy with photoshop, illustrator etc then get in touch.

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