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Hello, my name is Larry M. Seals, and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
This is superb! A 360 degree t-shirt design is screaming here.

Great work! Whacha drinking?

This is great, and very honest!

eggsellent! (couldn't resist ''))

You must have seen my wife...this looks JUST LIKE HER!

Interesting and inspiring. I especially like the paint plash and smear... that took courage.

Finally, an Arab POV seen in the universal language of drawing and wonderful drawings they are. Okat, thanks for the post. Ms. Traboulsi... wonderful work!

I was so impressed with this artist I bought one of her prints.
Thank you for the post, Okat!

Oh I can hardly wait till this tattoo craze goes the way of bell bottoms, polyester leisure suits, and wire rim aviation sunglasses. I have stock in the very tools that will help you to erase the very garish and soon to smear ink splashes you have marred yourselves with. Fu#ktards.

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I am....(still thinking)...

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