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Hello, my name is Súa Agapé,
and I am a doodle addict.

Bookmark Doodles Rd. 2 Showcase
Showcase #21
15 Faves
Draw Yourself(ie) Showcase
Showcase #19
42 Faves

Egg Draw Showcase
Showcase #14
26 Faves
October Calendar Draw Showcase
Showcase #11
16 Faves

April Calendar Draw Showcase
Showcase #8
84 Faves

User Faves
Pop Up Art
October's Guest Contributor: Kristopher Kotcher (aka Frenemy)
The Beautiful Creative Process of David Engzell
Journey of a Tiny Explorer

Tumblr of the Week: Scribblings
Open Call / Coloring Book Vol. 3
Collaboration in Perfect Harmony
Getting Sacred with Adrian Landon Brooks

Tumblr of the Week: Amy
Coloring Book, Vol. 2 update
Scribble, Scribble, and Scribble Away!

Member Spotlight: Alice Savage
Doodlebomb! Has A New Home
Cheese Dreams
Let's Get Nostalgic: President Doodles

Stereographic Animated GIFs
Showcase #14: Egg Draw
Going Postal
Sky is a Bowl

There's a Forklift in My Pencil Case
Open Call / Coloring Book Vol. 2
I Can See Your Guts
She Will Not Rest

The Drawings of Speak Cryptic
Little Miss Typophile
Dear Katie
Do You Have Protection?

White With Fear
Member Spotlight: Murray Somerville
Everyone Has A Story To Tell

Building Blocks
Freedom of Mind
We're All In This Together

It's a tie...
This is Me
Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture
It Usually Manifests

A Far Away Place
Just Do Do Do.
Gone Forever
Free and Cool, volume 5

An Apple a Day...
Off The Wall
It's Like Candy

Lots of Black
An Ace in the Pack
Fan Mail, Part VIII
Sunday Grins! with Gemma Correll

Free and Cool, volume 4
Color Here and There
Showcase #1: Napkin Doodle

Recent Comments
Thank you all of you for your support, comments and votes in the April Calendar Draw, showcase # 8, you are very kind. Congratulations to Kaya H., your drawing is fantastic. Let's have fun with some more doodles! :D

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Graphic designer and Illustrator girl who loves monsters.

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