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Hello, my name is Michael McClain, and I am a doodle addict.

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Thank Heavens for Old Books
Spray Can Doodle
Streak and Stroke
Sunday Grins! with Jim Bradshaw

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Frogs and robots, how could you go wrong? Robot frog, that would be wrong. Otherwise, it's aaaaallllll right. Good answers. You pass.

I love work influenced by other cultures, I always wonder what icons I don't understand or am misapplying or if there are any differences at all in my understanding.

handmade for the WIN!

The literary side of me laments that books are becoming art pieces and precious antiques... the artist in me LOVES it. Torn.

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Who reads all this stuff? I a plumber plumbs, a roofer roofs, an artist sits and stares out the window. I stare out windows.

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