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Hello, my name is Lisa Currie,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments

I got quite giddy when I saw this. I think people in the cafe are staring. Maybe I should give out some big fat high-fives.

And the first one's for you OKAT :) (second one's for elena)

Oh I've stumbled on these before. So pretty.

Still waiting on that big basket of raisin toast...

I have a feeling that whatever totem pole I imagine in my head, this is going to be so much bigger.

thanks for the heads up! these are so great.

thanks okat! :)

big smile on my face that everyone likes the totem! it really does look incredible, so many fun doodlers. will have to do another one soon so more doodlers can get into it...

haha jamie - you're not the only one! me too.

gosh i love those drawings. sigh. thanks for welcoming me back okat! will post again sometime.

this is super cool! big thanks for sharing jamie - it takes my mind to all kinds of cool idea places. and what a rad dad that kid has.

WOW, this is the coolest! you must be so happy okat. keri smith is the best. keri smith + DA, even better.

these are awesome! clara's cranes must be putting smiles on a lot of people's faces.

dreamy! thanks for sharing jamie, it made me smile when you said "imperfection that can't be created any other way" - right on!

haha! so cool! especially that last one about cooking santa...

welcome jim! looks like you'll fit right in here!

get that handiwork in, scribblers! it's going to be BIG!

thanks for the love OKAT!

OH YEAH! way cool

was the theme cats?

a big thank you to okat, jamie and hugo :)

this would make me happy if it were on my walk to school

from Melbourne? come say hello at this all-ladies show that Caitlin's drawings will be in:

wow, i've never noticed this post before. unreal!

haha, truly awesome!

love that photo of Matt breathing out the monsters!

elena lombardi! such a spunk

it looks like a collection of at least five different artists who have awesome sketchbooks.... but rolled into one guy... that's special!

this is going to be fun! i love your first post already..

:) my thoughts... you need a bit of vulnerability and lots of spontaneity to draw like this

my abundance of exclamation marks says it all! haha!... !!

muxxi is such a treat. there's something really special about those patterns.

if only we could doodle via skype... i'd be there!

that arm drawing is lovely. i like i like!

sad to see this is your last post thereza!
you fit in really well here.

high five, ladies! I'll post your books over this week.

I've been keeping two books safe for you -- on the top shelf away from my little brother's sticky fingers.

the polar bear is my favourite. looks like he's saying - sup babe.

wow, very cool

haha oh my! the lady with the glasses really should have stayed out of the sun.

very cool collection of balloon-creatures guys!

love that 'hope it pours' page :)

haha lollygagging. will be trying to drop that into conversation today. neat videos too!

beautiful! the site redesign is looking cool too! x

this is awesome!
love john malta. love this interview.
thanks for sharing!

Yay! Thanks for posting this up OKAT... I'm excited to wake up & find a bunch of DA handiwork in my inbox :)

YES! This is one of my favourite DA challenges so far!

yeahhhh love these.

Love these! That finger soccer one is awesome!

Oh these are lovely. wow

whaaaaat! I can't believe the details, they look so spot on to the drawing, nice one!

haha thanks Sami, it's so exciting to find a gem!

craaazy! I love that first one.

oh very cool. Welcome back!!

she's a favourite for me, too! did you realise that this one is her as well...

so perfect ay.

geez what a cool style of face drawing. looks great.

@OKAT: did not know that! he pretty much epitomises what a "doodle addict" is

Yay! Welcome to DA, Sara :)

love her style. and that's one of my favourite DA post titles!

the site looks good, lads!

That pear gets me every time, so cheeky!

Loooove this one... especially that "dope" page, so dope!

Ahhhh Jack Teagle... what a dude!

I love how he takes photos of his doodles, too. With all the pens and desk. Just makes it that much cooler!

Jim! Actually when I found Lei I thought of you.... your doodlings are also what I would call a delicious vanilla soft-serve!

Oh my gosh. I love this sketchbook.

Yay! I hope you all have a ton of fun with this book... thanks so much for the love!

One of my favourite artists.... ever! Love watching her grow. She always surprises me.

Hey thanks for the mention OKAT :)

Greg! Ahh you\'re introducing me to so many \"new favourite\" artists. Thanks for sharing!

Ugh I love Leanna\'s stuff. SO. MUCH.

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Anyway, hello! My name's Lisa. I'm author of The Scribble Diary, a doodling book to inspire self-reflection. Also my new book is ME, YOU, US to fill out with your friends!

Come find me on instagram @scribblediary

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