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Hello, my name is John Malta,
and I am a doodle addict.

Q: Introduce yourself.

Q: How old do you think you are?

Q: Tell us something.

Q: What animal represents you?

Q: What do you picture yourself never doing?

Q: What's your favorite place?

Q: What's your must-have appetizer?

Q: What's a really good word? Draw it.

Q: Dog or cat? Or other?

Q: Show us your most-used tools of the trade.

Q: Define happiness.

Q: What do you want?

Q: Plans tonight?

‪Visit ‬‪John's site for more of his moldy magic and lizard storytelling.


Hugo Posted Sep 1, 2011
This was a very fun interview. So fun to take a peek at the working of your life. Thanks for sharing!

C M Carter
C M Carter Posted Sep 1, 2011
Awesome stuff.

Helena Gonzalez
Helena Gonzalez Posted Sep 1, 2011

Anna Jane McIntyre
Anna Jane McIntyre Posted Sep 2, 2011
o my GOD!!! I totally love You John Malta, your work is TOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry for yelling

Dick-James Hall
Dick-James Hall Posted Sep 2, 2011
LOVE IT! John Malta just seems like a really fun guy who incidentally makes illustrations too! LOVE IT!

SIRIN THADA Posted Sep 4, 2011

Bradley Fishbaugh
Bradley Fishbaugh Posted Sep 8, 2011
Amazing, can look at this for hours. But I am at work.

Kye Sangha
Kye Sangha Posted Sep 15, 2011
I love how you went bald for years to torment a crap principle. Sweet attitude problem!

Birdman Posted Sep 16, 2011
Great work

Sam LaValley
Sam LaValley Posted Sep 19, 2011
ahahaha lawl

J Muzacz
J Muzacz Posted Nov 4, 2011
ims headn big innit!

Matthew Wade
Matthew Wade Posted Nov 9, 2011
Super interesting work. I'm into it!

ll cllr
ll cllr Posted Nov 12, 2011
tots fun!

Tommy Kane
Tommy Kane Posted Nov 30, 2011
We share the same insanity.

Kevin Harney
Kevin Harney Posted Jan 19, 2012
great work!!!

Draw Me Something
Draw Me Something Posted Feb 13, 2012
love your style sir

Brenda meade
Brenda meade Posted Mar 25, 2012
Loved reading the chart comparing yourself now to age 18.
Great great idea!
enjoy life John M!

Gabriel Burge
Gabriel Burge Posted Apr 20, 2012
Dude this is amazing. Im sad that you dont skateboard that much any more.

tractmusic Posted Aug 7, 2012
So cool!
Your 18/23 question really made me think...
Would be interesting to see a 23/30 question some time in the future.

Joanna Whitney
Joanna Whitney Posted Aug 12, 2012
hella cool - I graduated Illustration 1985 SVA so nice to see they are doing this MFA program reminds me of Robert Weaver my former prof there - very nice

Pauline Chandler
Pauline Chandler Posted Sep 13, 2012
Hey John love yr doodles, yr story, and yr work space I love to thrift shop too... it's awesome when you find a cool deal. I'm new to DA just joined and looking forward to seeing everyones doodles and figureing out what I'm suppose to do next :-))

Jessica Stapp
Jessica Stapp Posted Oct 20, 2012
I really enjoy looking at your doodles.

wamblekyou Posted Dec 14, 2012
i like the form of Q&A

Phil Posted Apr 3, 2013
nice work!

Jasmine Bunga
Jasmine Bunga Posted Jun 17, 2013

Shawna Svacina
Shawna Svacina Posted Jul 7, 2013
So raw and refreshing. Love the style.

Roxane Levac
Roxane Levac Posted Aug 13, 2013
Good work :) I'm a rabbit cat that's the animal I characterize myself as :)

Ana Kotar
Ana Kotar Posted Sep 30, 2013
Dude! this is dope-love the style

Nina Leth
Nina Leth Posted Oct 23, 2013
Fun. Now I know why boys get punk hair. I had that too some 20 years ago, starting with bald head like you..

zrinka ramone
zrinka ramone Posted Sep 24, 2014
love it!

Ruth Calvert
Ruth Calvert Posted Oct 18, 2014
Too cool! I really like your stuff ;-)

gaby manno
gaby manno Posted Nov 23, 2014
love it!

Selena  Rosales
Selena Rosales Posted Apr 10, 2015
love this :)

Selena  Rosales
Selena Rosales Posted Apr 10, 2015
love this :)

Cecilia Scarlett
Cecilia Scarlett Posted Jun 23, 2015
I really love your style of art!


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John Malta's Links

John Malta
The world of John Malta is in another realm. His shaky uneven lettering, his colorful yet dark and eerie illustrations, his fascination with punk shows and pet lizards - they all make for something that's weird and wonderful at the same time.

To this day, John's cat doodle (I'm still not quite sure if it's really a cat but I love him anyway), which you can find inside our DA coloring book, remains as one of my favorites.

For his feature, John answered a few questions for us in doodle form. His answers, as you will see, are full of character, full of texture, full of awesome. He also sent over some photos from inside his studio in NYC, where he is living now.

Moldy Magic. That's how he refers to his work. And really, I couldn't have come up with a better pairing of words to describe John Malta and his sultry craft. It's bound to grow on you, if it hasn't already.


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