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Hello, my name is Clemens Behr,
and I am a doodle addict.

Q: Who are you?

Q: Your work is very geometric. What's your favorite shape?

Q: What do you see through your window?

Q: Pick a number from 1 to 99. Make a doodle with that number.

Q: What are your plans for tomorrow?

Q: Day or Night? Sun or moon?

Q: What are you worried about?

Q: Draw your one wish.

Q: Draw what you feel.

Q: Where do you want to go?

Visit his site for the full-fledged Clemens Behr experience. You won't believe your eyes.


Hugo Posted Feb 7, 2011
Great interview responses. The answer to "What are you worried about?" hit home.

Shokoofeh Posted Feb 7, 2011
Oh wow, I am speechless!

Richard Tingley
Richard Tingley Posted Feb 7, 2011
Awesome work.

Ellie Ennay
Ellie Ennay Posted Feb 7, 2011
really great! the wish made me a little sad..

Gabriela Osorio
Gabriela Osorio Posted Feb 7, 2011
loved it!

Gabriela Osorio
Gabriela Osorio Posted Feb 7, 2011
loved it!

LabTan Posted Feb 7, 2011
Inspiring and Lovely to look at.

Mackenzie Ondek
Mackenzie Ondek Posted Feb 8, 2011
love lovedy love

Steve Evans
Steve Evans Posted Feb 8, 2011
wow wow wow wow
amazing, i have been hit by the inspiration bug

Krusty Posted Feb 8, 2011

Atlan Arceo-Witzl
Atlan Arceo-Witzl Posted Feb 8, 2011
this is freaking amazing stuff

rex riley
rex riley Posted Feb 8, 2011
right on. the window and the class room blew me away. im blown away !

may chan
may chan Posted Feb 9, 2011
super awesome work.

Jenni Sparks
Jenni Sparks Posted Feb 9, 2011
This was amazing. Thankyou.

Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted Feb 9, 2011
nice! love his skull and window doodles. I felt his sadness in his wish :(

Daphne Posted Feb 10, 2011
I agree, he shall forthwith be called "Clemens the Great."

Francine McGee
Francine McGee Posted Feb 11, 2011
Definately has earned his title!!

Francine McGee
Francine McGee Posted Feb 11, 2011
If you guys think this is great, go see his website!!! He is better than great, he is AWESOME!!

Kaula Pukavica
Kaula Pukavica Posted Feb 16, 2011

Jhazzmyn Posted Feb 17, 2011
I want him to build me a house lol

Jamie Tao
Jamie Tao Posted Feb 17, 2011
That would be the most amazing house that ever lived.

Miranda Larkin
Miranda Larkin Posted Mar 29, 2011

Kel-Kel Posted Apr 9, 2011
i love the "What are your plans for tomorrow sketch?" adorable!!

Shelby Alice
Shelby Alice Posted May 17, 2011
I loved the interview,,

talaan Posted May 19, 2011
amazing interview! Only at doodlers anonymous

Rachel Posted Jul 7, 2011
This man is a genius

Mariery Young
Mariery Young Posted Jul 8, 2011
love the interview awesome pieces!!

Happyjack Jackson
Happyjack Jackson Posted Jul 18, 2011
love it all, especially the 3D pieces (and the doodles, of course!) ; )

ellie kneeland
ellie kneeland Posted Jul 19, 2011
superb! i love geometric work.

ellie kneeland
ellie kneeland Posted Jul 19, 2011
oh! just visited his site...illustration-->personal=awesome!!!

Jennifer Rodgers
Jennifer Rodgers Posted Aug 26, 2011
great interview! great work!

Mari Okachi
Mari Okachi Posted Nov 15, 2011

AndHeDrew Posted Nov 21, 2011
What a talented individual. Thank you for sharing with us!

Maritza Michelle
Maritza Michelle Posted Feb 2, 2012
your doodles are only a small portion of how radical your work is. your work is astonishing. LOVED IT. thanks for sharing.

angelica geisse
angelica geisse Posted Feb 15, 2012

Marta Spendowska
Marta Spendowska Posted Mar 6, 2012
I hope you'll bring her back. Somehow. Love the work you're doing.

Anya Wavy
Anya Wavy Posted Mar 23, 2012
Ok, I'm sorry, but I'm really curious now who is 'she' from that doodle about wish. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Yeah, it's not polite. But.

Alex Summers
Alex Summers Posted Mar 23, 2012
Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. It's really a great work!

Anna Jane McIntyre
Anna Jane McIntyre Posted May 3, 2012
Ouiiii je l'aime!! merci

Brandon Elijah Johnson
Brandon Elijah Johnson Posted May 8, 2012
Hot fire. The dude has an amazing hand.

Joanna Whitney
Joanna Whitney Posted Jul 22, 2012
...yea where the weather suits my clothes... love the work - thanks for helping me to see my work in 3D

zainab zulfiqar
zainab zulfiqar Posted Aug 14, 2012
Love the shapes :D in how do you feel.

Mafe Posted Dec 10, 2012
love your work and wish the same..

Izabella Posted Dec 28, 2012

Robert Posted Jan 30, 2013
cool stuff

Rusnie Posted Mar 18, 2013
I like the shapes and patterns used in your work. The colors you choose compliment each other nicely. Color copies need to be made of these and transformed into Posters! nice job!

Rusnie Posted Mar 18, 2013
I like the shapes and patterns used in your work. The colors you choose compliment each other nicely. Color copies need to be made of these and transformed into Posters! nice job!

Mosi Posted Mar 18, 2014
Bring her back

Nicolas Pegon
Nicolas Pegon Posted Aug 28, 2014

morgan J.
morgan J. Posted Sep 21, 2014
LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! I could feel your emotion and the depth of your meaning in all of it. Its so rare to find people who can do that now of days. You have a great gift. Keep up the good work!!!!

tides Posted Nov 22, 2014
ugh im so digging this

Yaakov Yechial Winter
Yaakov Yechial Winter Posted May 27, 2015

Brittany Bindrim
Brittany Bindrim Posted Jul 8, 2015
Awesome work!

Cleopatra Jones
Cleopatra Jones Posted Sep 18, 2015


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Clemens Behr's Links

Clemens Behr
I secretly refer to him as "Clemens The Great." It's true. Because his work is truly that good.

I can't remember when I discovered Cle's work. It must have been a year or two ago. But I do remember my reaction when I first saw the chaotic juxtaposition of basic geometric shapes, sharp angles and bold lines. It's the same reaction I get every time, even after frequent visits to his site. My jaw drops to the ground, my eyes get watery from not wanting to look away or blink for an instant.

We at DA are nothing short of ecstatic to have this exclusive "Doodle Interview" with Clemens Behr. He has also shared with us some of his recent works and an inside peak inside his very colorful studio brimming with tapes and boxes.

Enjoy the interview and the extra goodies. And here's a tip I've learned: It's okay to blink.


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