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Hello, my name is Morgan Blair,
and I am a doodle addict.

Q: Age? Location? Do a self-portrait.

Q: What did you do last night?

Q: As a child, what did you want to be?

Q: Can you show us your favorite drawing that you've ever made?

Q: Grab your cell phone. Call someone (preferably on speaker) and talk to them for as long as it takes for you to doodle something. Show us that doodle.

Q: What influences you?

(Old VHS tapes with insane beginner-digital graphics.)

Q: Draw your mode of transportation (make/model and all the good stuff).

Q: What's your favorite thing/place on earth?

Q: Draw your workspace.



An illustration for Amelia's Magazine about a massive cooperative effort in copenhagen, explanation here.


Detail of in-progress cover for Shane Jones' next book.


My hand after air-brushing some plastic at Aurora Robson's studio where I've been working.


Detail of a house painting I'm either still working on or just finished.


Same, different house.


Detail from the in-progress stage of a painting I finished a month ago or so. It is a pyramid receding into a field of pixels.


Front cover of Small Black's EP.


Back cover.


Part of a wall I'm painting at a private residence in Soho.


Larger part of the same wall.


See more of Morgan Blair's work here. We also recently got word that she is working on a brand new site so make sure to keep an eye out for that. You know we will.


Laura Alvarez
Laura Alvarez Posted Jan 7, 2010
Really nice and dynamic work. I like how she uses colors and shades.

Lisa Currie
Lisa Currie Posted Jan 7, 2010
so cool. you can get lost in those shapes.

silav Posted Jan 8, 2010
remarkable...intense, playful, strange

Emily Whittaker
Emily Whittaker Posted Jan 8, 2010
Wow, very enjoyable work, to look at and I bet to do too! That was a weird sentence but I hope you know what I mean! I love the comment " painting I'm either still working on or just finished"... haha! I know how that feels. I love working on things which don't have a definite ending point and you can decide yourself when something is finished or not! Love the EP cover and the wall-painting too. It's great to have a medium you can use for lots of different projects. Off to look at your site now!

Emmi Posted Jan 8, 2010
I wish there was a magazine that would interviews in this way.

Jamie Tao
Jamie Tao Posted Jan 8, 2010
You and me, both.

dias Posted Jan 8, 2010
loving the wall project

SEZIO Posted Jan 8, 2010
Awesome Mining! Great feautre.

Morgan has a tiger print for sale here -

Gabrielle Lacroix Rioux
Gabrielle Lacroix Rioux Posted Jan 9, 2010
Lovely. The triangles are really trendy in graphic design and illustrations, they are everywhere.

Sharlene Maree Forde
Sharlene Maree Forde Posted Jan 10, 2010
I love love love you Morgan Blair. I love the awesome mixture of messy/raw and precise line work, crazy colours with plain pencil and all the contasting hard and soft edges, Beautiful. Big ups.

Stephen Kissel
Stephen Kissel Posted Jan 12, 2010
Whoa... love that wall! Really liking the Little Giants drawing that you mentioned was your favorite as well.

Sista Posted Jan 12, 2010
Great interview, really enjoyed the creative questions and answers.....keep up the good work!

Lisa Posted Jan 14, 2010
fabulous artwork!

in arsenic
in arsenic Posted Jan 15, 2010

Deborah Leigh
Deborah Leigh Posted Jan 26, 2010
Great interview! Love the shoes!

lapin Posted Mar 2, 2010
I'm still a big fan, and so glad to have a piece of you at home.

no one Posted May 6, 2010
Wonderful picture. . .

Manthap banget . . .

T.O.P dah!!

Numpang post..

kampusku : (" rel="nofollow">Univ. Andalas)
Fakultas : (" rel="nofollow">Teknik)
Jurusan : (" rel="nofollow">Elektro)

Cecile Cinco
Cecile Cinco Posted May 12, 2010
I think I'm getting inspiration :)

Nedra T Williams
Nedra T Williams Posted May 28, 2010
Like your work

Ashley David John
Ashley David John Posted Jun 2, 2010
a lot of love for this :)

norma jean
norma jean Posted Jun 9, 2010
i love all the bright colors! =)

Tiffany Nova
Tiffany Nova Posted Jun 16, 2010
all of these are wonderful

Tamia Baudouin
Tamia Baudouin Posted Jul 27, 2010
great !

Molly Janiszewski
Molly Janiszewski Posted Jul 27, 2010
your work is crazy. amazing,

JC De Guzman
JC De Guzman Posted Aug 31, 2010
wow, you got the coolest doodle =)

adrix Posted Sep 6, 2010

Miranda Larkin
Miranda Larkin Posted Apr 5, 2011
yesss! love the work of Morgan Blair

blueberry Posted Apr 14, 2011
just straight amaaaaaaazzzzing

Sretan Bor
Sretan Bor Posted Jun 6, 2011
love the cover the EP

Gianne Alabaso
Gianne Alabaso Posted Jul 26, 2011
It's all great!

Jennifer Rodgers
Jennifer Rodgers Posted Aug 22, 2011
Very cool stuff. Like the interview questions...I am thinking of adding them to my back to school survey for my AP students.

Lorenzo Rangel
Lorenzo Rangel Posted Oct 10, 2011

Marta Veludo
Marta Veludo Posted Oct 25, 2011

Marta Veludo
Marta Veludo Posted Oct 25, 2011
love it

Bianca Dominguez
Bianca Dominguez Posted Dec 13, 2011

Linda Scott
Linda Scott Posted Jan 19, 2012
Truly wonderful geometrics and colours. Thanks for showing.

Tessa BX
Tessa BX Posted Jan 21, 2012
i die

Linda Scott
Linda Scott Posted Jan 25, 2012

Philip Obando
Philip Obando Posted Feb 17, 2012

Alex Summers
Alex Summers Posted Mar 23, 2012
What a complex mind you have.. i love the triangular art. Brilliant!

Abraham Posted May 4, 2012
Great Stuff!

Rudolph Jackson
Rudolph Jackson Posted Jul 20, 2012
The retro-digital triangle patterns you make are incredible...I wish I understood color well enough to do that! Good luck with the new website, I'll keep an eye out for it.

Dean C. Graf
Dean C. Graf Posted Aug 12, 2012
I especially like the combination of contour line with value added. The drawings are rich and engaging. Well done MB

Hernanda Aji
Hernanda Aji Posted Aug 13, 2012
awesome!!!! cool

JESSICA MOORE Posted Oct 10, 2012

ron kammer
ron kammer Posted Dec 2, 2012
Like your mode of transportation

Yaakov Yechial Winter
Yaakov Yechial Winter Posted May 27, 2015

Mahee Ferlini
Mahee Ferlini Posted Sep 24, 2015
Interesting interview and creative art work. Thanks for sharing!

Tammy Rinkwest
Tammy Rinkwest Posted Nov 1, 2015
Like the pencil and pen rough sketches! Check out my digital illustrations on my Behance account - Let me know what you think if you ever get round to it. Anyway, great work man!

Nabashis Dev Misra
Nabashis Dev Misra Posted Dec 4, 2015
Loved your work


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Morgan Blair's Links

Morgan Blair
I love Morgan Blair. Pass it on.

Everything from her smudgy pencil marks to her hissing tiger drawings and animated gifs that are hurtful to the eyes (I bet she does it on purpose just to mess with you) - her work is the kind of work that lingers in your brain, forever and ever, and it's a problem.

A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, she is living and working in Brooklyn, NY and her interests include trees, legos and making art forever.

For her feature, we wanted to take full-advantage of her ridiculous doodling skills - the kind of ridiculous that makes you envious. We asked her a few questions and she answered using her habitual tools - paper, pencil, pen and color.

And that's not all, gang. Morgan took a break from her road trips and adventures to also share with us highlights of some of her more recent work and works-in-progress.

Take a look around, fall in love with Morgan and her scratch 'n' sniff art. If the scent doesn't do you in, the art will.


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