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Hello, my name is Junkyard Sam,
and I am a doodle addict.



Jen Osborn Posted Sep 23, 2008
your style and colors are fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this ... I'm in love with your work :)


maggiemolam Posted Sep 24, 2008
I love the balck and white ones.

Suhail Posted Oct 7, 2008
Beautiful stuff ! Very very cool :) I like the details and the colors in your final illustrations. Your final work is done on paper or do you paint digitally? Thanks for sharing..

Emmy Seaton Posted Oct 28, 2008
Your work is amazing! Very whimsical. You are an illustrator? I would love to know more about the characters

Sheryl Schroeder Posted Dec 2, 2008
Wow! Very original... not like anybody else out there right now. I love it so much! What is your technique process? What mediums do you use? Beautiful.

Junkyard Sam Posted Dec 4, 2008
Thanks so much for your comments. I'm actually withdrawing a bit from the art world for a while, to work on a super-top-secret government project. Well, it's not a government project... but I sure wish I could tell!!! Thanks again!

astroquack Posted Jul 3, 2009
Great illustrations!

Son of Incogneato Posted Jan 7, 2010
Great surrealism, nice colors!

sam bone Posted Feb 3, 2010
Your art is so so so so so neat. i love all the colors and the hughes... nice. :o you just keep doin what you're doin!!!!!

anoop th Posted Apr 12, 2010
great work and was a wonderful experience

Gabriella Good
Gabriella Good Posted Jul 18, 2010
oh, these are so wonderful. really good work!

Raoul Posted Feb 6, 2011
Sweet amazing massive colour

Kel-Kel Posted Apr 9, 2011
i admire the way you show step by step of your approach to what you want your picture to look like.....then in the WA-BAM!!! its finished with an amazing water-colour kind of look Coo-dos my friend

Madison Pineapple
Madison Pineapple Posted Jan 2, 2012
This is magnificent! I absolutely love it!

Mandy van Goeije
Mandy van Goeije Posted Feb 14, 2012
Gorgeous! And what a gift to share your process from sketch to artwork with us! I bet everyone devours it. Seeing someone else's art is great. But for an artist it's a thousand times more interesting to see the process as well. I love your art work! Your use of colour and the depth in your work is amazing. And I love how you work your actors into your sketches and then into the actual piece of art. I can look at this forever! Can't wait to see about your secret project and I'm sure going to look up some more of your work!

Jesse Morris
Jesse Morris Posted Apr 3, 2012
Junkyard Sam may be one of those who travel and observe. Not a bad type of person to have around. Where did the character come from?

JESSICA MOORE Posted Oct 10, 2012

zahra robertson
zahra robertson Posted Oct 27, 2012
amazing. for real. good job.

Duncan Geoffrey Hewitt
Duncan Geoffrey Hewitt Posted Feb 15, 2013
love how he shows the original drawing and then the changes and then finally the finished piece, wonderful graphic art illustration.

Peter Jarvis
Peter Jarvis Posted Mar 4, 2013
wow! your art is incredible. What a stunning use of colour in your final illustrations.

Farhana Posted Oct 29, 2013
Absolutely LOVE your work!! And I like that you showed a little of the process. Thanks for sharing.

Trick Slattery
Trick Slattery Posted Aug 19, 2014
Truly wonderful work!

Vikki McTighe
Vikki McTighe Posted Mar 31, 2015
Love your style - very cool

nitisha adhikari
nitisha adhikari Posted Aug 22, 2015
I love the world that you have created! makes me happy :)


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Junkyard Sam
By: okat
Sam is one of those people that I am so fortunate to have met through the "internets". He is also one of the most frank and genuine artists I've had the pleasure of communicating with. In our chats, we always end up talking about the process of an artwork. How it transforms from the concept or doodle stage to the more refined and final presentation. I was lucky enough to get a look into that process (from his perspective) with the following set of featured images. Enjoy.


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