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Hello, my name is Tommaso Meli,
and I am a doodle addict.



Robert Posted Dec 18, 2008
Gorgeous work.

Kylo Posted Dec 19, 2008
really cool stuff.

collin Posted Dec 20, 2008
hard worker, fresh as usual!

Tommaso "pariah" Meli Posted Dec 22, 2008
thanks a lot guys :)

Bryan Crow Posted Jan 2, 2009
super cool work....

jeteaime Posted Jan 10, 2009
Very nice work!

TOMMASO \ Posted Jan 12, 2009
Thanks again people :)

ZELIG Posted Jul 16, 2009
Nice work...impressive gestures!

Terry Horn
Terry Horn Posted Nov 30, 2009
Absolutely beautiful work!

Laura Alvarez
Laura Alvarez Posted Jan 4, 2010
I really like your work. You have a new follower!

QuinnnSam Posted Apr 28, 2010
i agree, beautiful work! i enjoyed it

Georgiy Shiriyants (Gosha)
Georgiy Shiriyants (Gosha) Posted Aug 1, 2010
stunning work dark fill to it, lovely

Julie & Alexander
Julie & Alexander Posted Feb 14, 2011
the red haired girl is extremely charming ^_^

timos livaditis
timos livaditis Posted Mar 7, 2011
so nice work,bravo

Chris Francz
Chris Francz Posted Apr 2, 2011
the painting on carboard is awesome!

Kel-Kel Posted Apr 9, 2011
i love how instead of taking a direct shot of the take the picture at an angle...adding more unique-ness and a different perspective on what you drew.

blueberry Posted Apr 14, 2011
some extremely sick stuff man i love it

Ashwini  Shetty
Ashwini Shetty Posted May 18, 2011
Awesome!!!Great work>>>

heather Posted Jul 18, 2011

Penny Lewin-Hetherington
Penny Lewin-Hetherington Posted Aug 31, 2011
oh what beautiful sketches!

roger gabriel
roger gabriel Posted Sep 23, 2011
........the next big thing

morgan .E. varden
morgan .E. varden Posted Oct 17, 2011
very strange i give it four fingers

Tin Lubat
Tin Lubat Posted Nov 3, 2011
doodles are almost always relaxing.

Bella Brown
Bella Brown Posted Nov 29, 2011
i love how they're simple but complex at the same time.. so talented!

Carlos Patino
Carlos Patino Posted Jan 24, 2012

annika Posted Jan 24, 2012
love this.

may chan
may chan Posted Mar 1, 2012
love it love it..LOVE IT! I miss painting on cardboard,though.

Jessie Walker
Jessie Walker Posted Jun 28, 2012

Jao Deauna
Jao Deauna Posted Jul 5, 2012
Amazing! :)

Paati Matsushita
Paati Matsushita Posted Oct 9, 2012
wow! Amaazing!

Kathryn Harriet Miller
Kathryn Harriet Miller Posted Dec 4, 2012

Mafe Posted Dec 10, 2012
great work!!

Duncan Geoffrey Hewitt
Duncan Geoffrey Hewitt Posted Feb 9, 2013
love his pictures, very talented and very interesting to look at!

Eyren Tylindsay
Eyren Tylindsay Posted Feb 14, 2013
I love your stuff!

kristen terrana
kristen terrana Posted Jun 13, 2013
This rocks!!!!! You are awesome!

Kirsty Collins
Kirsty Collins Posted May 3, 2014
Love the hair vomit!

regina kioko
regina kioko Posted Aug 14, 2014
Really interesting work ! GREAT !

Amber DAmato
Amber DAmato Posted Nov 23, 2014


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Tommaso Meli
By: okat
Tommaso's work is outrageous and full of majestic concepts, detail and textures. He likes to go by the name “pariah”, a term for anyone considered an outcast, isolated, or different by others -- which is an excellent metaphor for his style.

His feature on DA is a mix between pics of sketches or "in progress" work with a collection of past doodles and drawings. Have a look at what happens when his mind spills onto paper.


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