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Hello, my name is Slow Loris,
and I am a doodle addict.



Junkyard Sam Posted Oct 5, 2008
Wow, there's so much work to that process!!! It's amazing how the final product is just beautiful simplicity - but there's so many steps to the colorization.

Makes me feel very spoiled that I work primarily in digital.

Sheryl Schroeder Posted Dec 2, 2008
Simply gorgeous!

Natalia Posted May 13, 2009
Hi! I want to ask you what do you use for the colors, what king of machine? thank you
From Argentina

HIdayat Haris
HIdayat Haris Posted Jul 17, 2009
hey this art is very nice to look at all the time..i like it :)

G E Posted Nov 29, 2009
Ooooh I like your houses!

cassie mcdaniel Posted Apr 18, 2010
My favorite of the steps is actually the first one! Keep It Simple Stupid, right? Lovely drawing style.

Josh Lind
Josh Lind Posted Jul 19, 2011
This is awe-som-e!

Clare Pryke
Clare Pryke Posted Aug 20, 2011
I much prefer the 3rd, 4th & 7th pictures as they´re much more original & have more ´soul´. I think my favourite is 4 as it gives the building a threatening edge, evokes childhood memories of scary films or something. I find the 5th fascinating as the lower part looks like a rifle & makes me think about Iraq, protecting your home from invaders, fear of outsiders/unknown people - it´s so rich in meaning because it´s simplified without being simplistic. You should exhibit it in a gallery in London if you haven´t already, I bet they´d like it.

Inés Da Luz
Inés Da Luz Posted Nov 25, 2011

Rylee Crowley
Rylee Crowley Posted Feb 20, 2012
That is soooo cool!! You are a genius. I wish I could draw like that. Great job.

Adam logan
Adam logan Posted Apr 15, 2012
This is really cool! it reminds me of the scary house they used in that movie, The Woman In Black, w that Harry Potter dude. I just entered a contest w my art, you may wanna enter? I think you could win up to 10k. It's at My mom told me about it:)
Have you thought of drawing people? My friend said that paintings of famous people like John Lennon & Marilyn Monroe sell very well. I'm trying to get into that.

nichol keene
nichol keene Posted Jun 5, 2012
this is wicked :)

nichol keene
nichol keene Posted Jun 5, 2012
this is wicked :)

Rudolph Jackson
Rudolph Jackson Posted Jul 16, 2012
I had a professor in college (andrew kozlowski) who did prints very much like this and I was always amazed at the line work and detail that comes through in screen printing. Keep up the good work! This stuff is awesome!

Anna Talavera
Anna Talavera Posted Jul 19, 2012
This is amazing! :D

Anni Heuchel
Anni Heuchel Posted Jul 31, 2012
Makes you want to live in it.

Thomas A. Marino
Thomas A. Marino Posted Aug 8, 2012
nice drawings and process

Joanne Wilson
Joanne Wilson Posted Oct 17, 2012
Love the work.

Houseygirl Posted Oct 21, 2012
I love the way the artist gives an insight into the stages they follow. Interesting how colour changes the focus of attention. Slow Loris website is lovely too.

Omer Malik
Omer Malik Posted Apr 11, 2013

ESTEFANIA SANCHEZ Posted May 20, 2014

Austin Kage
Austin Kage Posted Sep 27, 2014
The Serigraph is real!

Yaakov Yechial Winter
Yaakov Yechial Winter Posted May 27, 2015

jutinut Posted Oct 9, 2015
so nice!


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Slow Loris
By: okat
I have no idea when I first bookmarked her website, but it was at least 4 years ago. I couldn’t help it, she took line drawings and printed them on t-shirts (two things that I can’t resist). I've since seen her grow into making it a full-time gig with her own 6-arm screen printing press.

For her feature on DA, she's been gracious enough to let us view her process of taking a concept from drawing and color seperation to print and final inking.


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