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September 8, 2011

The Doodlers Anonymous 3-year

We've just hit three years old this week.

I want this to last forever. Being a part of Doodlers Anonymous is the most fun thing I do in my day. Thank you to every single artist that has ever inspired me and continues to. To all the fans, readers and doodle addicts that visit us everyday, thank you for being a part of something that I am so passionate about.

As a thank you, we are going to celebrate this milestone with a ridiculously awesome GIVEAWAY. It's so good that I am seriously considering cheating so that I may win.

If you want to play along, simply draw us a really cool birthday card (no vector art please). Scan it or take a good quality photo of it and email it over to us. The team and I will vote on the one we like best and award them with great prizes. There is also a strong possibility two runner-ups will receive prizes as well, so be sure to participate.

Click here to get complete details of what you can win, but in summary: a $100 Gift Card at Blik, $75 at Thumbtack Press, art prints by Kate Bingaman Burt, Bianca Green, Chris Piascik and Sandra Dieckmann, plus a year subscription to Anorak Magazine and the list goes on…

To participate: let us know in the comments below and email your submission to editor{at}doodlersanonymous{dot}com by end of day, September 20th and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get updates and announcements regarding the giveaway.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive all of the following:

A $100 gift card to BLIK Wall Decals

A $75 gift card to Thumbtack Press

An art print by Kate Bingaman Burt

An art print by Bianca Green

A letterpress print by Chris Piascik

An art print by Sandra Dieckmann

A one-year subscription (4-issues) to Anorak Magazine

…and some great stuff from our Doodlers Anonymous shop. Now go draw, but first help us blow out these candles. *Extra credit to those of you that spread word on your wonderful blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages.


Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted Sep 8, 2011
Happy Birthday Doodlers Anonymous :) Will participate :D

C M Carter
C M Carter Posted Sep 8, 2011

Eilish  Owens
Eilish Owens Posted Sep 8, 2011
Whaoozaa! Big Happy Birthday DA!!

La cuenta cuentos
La cuenta cuentos Posted Sep 8, 2011
(: This is awesome!!! I'm going to parrrticipate.
And happy bday, let's doddle to celebrate!

Heidi Deguzman
Heidi Deguzman Posted Sep 8, 2011
to the MOST awesome site for spontaneous art...Happy Birthday! I will definitely send you a card!! Thanks for all the fun stuff you do!

Carolina The Doodler
Carolina The Doodler Posted Sep 9, 2011
Happy Birthday! Starting my card now ;)

aznah moen
aznah moen Posted Sep 9, 2011
cant wait to start! happy burpsday!

Terry Horn
Terry Horn Posted Sep 9, 2011

jessica tara staddon
jessica tara staddon Posted Sep 9, 2011
defo in on this one. love this site. best place ever for procrastination. happy birthday, hope you like the birthday card!

Sheri Posted Sep 9, 2011

Ellen gradman
Ellen gradman Posted Sep 9, 2011
Congratulations on three doodletastc years! I would LOVE GIVE AWAY!

James Hipkiss
James Hipkiss Posted Sep 9, 2011
Oooo, Happy birthdays, Im totally entering!

Anja Polh
Anja Polh Posted Sep 9, 2011
happy happy happy three :D

Muxxi Posted Sep 9, 2011
Happy Birthday DA

Stephanie Posted Sep 9, 2011
Happy Birthday Doodlers Anonymous
they grow up so fast *sniff*
Im in!

Stephanie Posted Sep 9, 2011
Happy Birthday Doodlers Anonymous
they grow up so fast *sniff*
Im in!

ella chandler
ella chandler Posted Sep 9, 2011
Happy Birthday!! I'm going to start your card:D!!

Jaimie Elisabeth Y. Lee
Jaimie Elisabeth Y. Lee Posted Sep 10, 2011
Cool! Happy Birthday! I'm in too! :D

Jim Kaufmann
Jim Kaufmann Posted Sep 10, 2011
Not sure I will be up to doing something on this occasion but I would like to say that I really really enjoy DA. It's opened up a another door in the house of drawing for me and I've seen a lot of terrific drawing I might not otherwise have seen, which I really appreciate since I don't get out much and have unfortunately little interaction with like-minded artists.

Maede Jenab
Maede Jenab Posted Sep 10, 2011
Hi..... Im in too................ HAPPY BIRTHDAY............ I want to know that is there any rule thaat we have to obey or its free.....

heather johnston
heather johnston Posted Sep 10, 2011
Happy Birthday, I have been stalking for a long time and decided I should join all the crazys! I love you!

benjamin campana
benjamin campana Posted Sep 11, 2011
happy bday!! I will participate ;)

benjamin campana
benjamin campana Posted Sep 11, 2011
what's the mail address to send a picture?

Annie Miner
Annie Miner Posted Sep 11, 2011
Awesome site, great art! I'm doodling the birthday card right now!

SIRIN THADA Posted Sep 11, 2011
happy happy anniversaire -- very proud to be a member, so much inspiration here. y'all rule.

Jenny Posted Sep 12, 2011
happy three!
card sent.

Johnnie Weiliang Hoek
Johnnie Weiliang Hoek Posted Sep 13, 2011
CONGRATSSSSSSS!!!!! owwww yeah!!!!! i must participate!!!!!!!!!

Johnnie Weiliang Hoek
Johnnie Weiliang Hoek Posted Sep 13, 2011
*when is the deadline??

Katie Wall
Katie Wall Posted Sep 13, 2011
I'm in :-)

Painterchic Posted Sep 13, 2011
Happy Birthday DA... I'd better get busy!

DonBiletos Posted Sep 13, 2011
happy bdaaaaayyyyy!! What an inspiration!! Im PARTY-cipating!!!

Puja Vanarse
Puja Vanarse Posted Sep 13, 2011
Happy Birthday.....
I am Participating!!! :)

julie zarate
julie zarate Posted Sep 13, 2011
Happy Birthday, DA!! count me in! :)

Megan W
Megan W Posted Sep 13, 2011
Happy Stinkin Bday Doodlers!!! Can't wait to send my card in!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Saga Bergebo
Saga Bergebo Posted Sep 13, 2011
Happy birthday! I'm in!

Amy Walker
Amy Walker Posted Sep 13, 2011
Totally gonna doodle this one. Happy birthday most awesome website ever!!

Erica Domiducas
Erica Domiducas Posted Sep 13, 2011
Happy birthday! Woot woot... I'm excited for the giveaway!

Nico Z.
Nico Z. Posted Sep 13, 2011
i am waaaay too excited, i love birthdays, i love DA, i love doodles, i love free stuff :D

Spencer Mann
Spencer Mann Posted Sep 13, 2011
Better get to work.

Mariery Young
Mariery Young Posted Sep 13, 2011
IM IN!!!!

Ronni Ann Hall
Ronni Ann Hall Posted Sep 13, 2011
Count me in!

rob johnson
rob johnson Posted Sep 13, 2011
Happy birthday, let's celebrate and eat cake.I'm in!

rose harries
rose harries Posted Sep 13, 2011
I'm in!

Heidi Deguzman
Heidi Deguzman Posted Sep 13, 2011
Just sent in my entry!!

Annie Dwyer Internicola
Annie Dwyer Internicola Posted Sep 13, 2011
Happy birthday! Definitely working on something to submit!

Habib! Posted Sep 13, 2011
I'm so getting in on this!!

Habib! Posted Sep 13, 2011
I'm so getting in on this!!

Hermione Benest
Hermione Benest Posted Sep 13, 2011
wonderful! starting now, many happy returns sirs/madams xxx

Ashley Kay
Ashley Kay Posted Sep 13, 2011
awesome! Happy Birthday! get ready for your card! =)

Terri Plemons
Terri Plemons Posted Sep 13, 2011
I will enter - thanks for this and happy birthday!

Madison Dybevik
Madison Dybevik Posted Sep 13, 2011
Happy B-day!!!! I'm sooooo in.

robyn boyd
robyn boyd Posted Sep 13, 2011
happy happy 3rd birthday, i'm there:)

cody rothery
cody rothery Posted Sep 13, 2011
omg sweet, happy birthday, DA! I'm in :-)

Timothy Daniel Flynn
Timothy Daniel Flynn Posted Sep 14, 2011
yes, happy birthday.

nina schmalenbach
nina schmalenbach Posted Sep 14, 2011
I'm in :)

sumedha sah
sumedha sah Posted Sep 14, 2011
Happy Birthday DA,Im aleady working on the card!

Jian Lea Alejandria
Jian Lea Alejandria Posted Sep 14, 2011
Happy birthday! Will mos def participate. :)

Hanna Lee
Hanna Lee Posted Sep 14, 2011
Happy birthday! I'll definitely doodle it for you!

adele Posted Sep 14, 2011
and here I am, from old Italy :)

Dominika G
Dominika G Posted Sep 14, 2011
Hi!Happy birthday Doodlers!
I will participate :-)

Elizabeth Roemisch
Elizabeth Roemisch Posted Sep 14, 2011
Hippo birdie two ewes! And many other blessings to yous!
May your sketchbook pages never run out and your wallets be stout and you doodly friends be doodling devouts!

jleica Posted Sep 15, 2011
I'm in. Happy B-day!

louis cochrane
louis cochrane Posted Sep 15, 2011
Flexing those thumbs now. Happy Birthday doodlers!

Vincenzo Annunziata
Vincenzo Annunziata Posted Sep 15, 2011
Do you have to be a US resident to win?!? :(

Angeline Yang
Angeline Yang Posted Sep 16, 2011
I'm in too!

John Schipp
John Schipp Posted Sep 16, 2011
Count me in.

Amy Law
Amy Law Posted Sep 16, 2011
誕生日おめでとうございます! Just sent mine - can't wait to see all the other submissions. ♪

Kodi Fabricant
Kodi Fabricant Posted Sep 16, 2011
happYY barf day !! look out 4 my card

Michelle Calleja
Michelle Calleja Posted Sep 16, 2011
Happy Birthday! New member here! Wish I would of known about this earlier but i'm joining the bandwagon... Or getting off? ;) either way i'm in!

Birdman Posted Sep 16, 2011
I'm in! I think?

Kristie Posted Sep 16, 2011
Happy B Day! I'm in!

Julia Smelansky
Julia Smelansky Posted Sep 17, 2011
I'm in tooo

Amy OConnell
Amy OConnell Posted Sep 18, 2011
I'm inspired! so glad I found your site, I'll send something in too...

Saz Evers
Saz Evers Posted Sep 18, 2011
Love your site and seeing others' work! Thanks - definitely time to celebrate your birthday!

Kylo Posted Sep 19, 2011
Happy Birthday!

mesilane Posted Sep 19, 2011
that's so awesome i want in! happy birthday you guys :D

ben ramsey
ben ramsey Posted Sep 19, 2011
Prepare for an awesome birthday, DA! Im in!

Mariska Posted Sep 19, 2011
You guys have been the best inspiration for me for the past two years! So i had to make something for you in return :)

Stephanie Cohen Gonzalez
Stephanie Cohen Gonzalez Posted Sep 19, 2011
Happy Birthday DA >^..^

Helena Maratheftis
Helena Maratheftis Posted Sep 20, 2011
Hello! I just sent you my card! Happy birthday!

Michelle Chung
Michelle Chung Posted Sep 20, 2011
Happy Birthday guys! I'll send you my card as soon as possible!

Vix Posted Sep 20, 2011
Happy Birthday. I'll be sending my drawing in a few minutes. :D

Tatiana Abaurre Alencar
Tatiana Abaurre Alencar Posted Sep 20, 2011
Happy birthday! I'll be sending the card right away! :)

Ami Hobgood
Ami Hobgood Posted Sep 20, 2011
Happy Birthday! I will participate!

torrell Posted Sep 20, 2011
happy birthday! sending one now to your email! congrats!~

Christine lee
Christine lee Posted Sep 20, 2011
Im gonna participate :) happy bday!

Cyndi Posted Sep 21, 2011
I'm participating. Happy birthday!

adrian paulsen
adrian paulsen Posted Sep 21, 2011
sent in a contribution...but didnt write anything here. hope thats ok!

Hugo Posted Sep 21, 2011
@everyone - All I can really say is that I'm humbled by all your responses and wishes. It is your love and appreciation (as well as those of my colleagues) that has made these first three years so fun at DA.

Thank you!


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