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Coloring Book Volume 4 Submit Here

YAY! We are accepting submissions for our fourth coloring book. It will be published this year and available for pre-order by late November (shipping in time for the holidays). It will feature 60 different artists in a 64-page book.

If your submission is selected, it will be featured on Doodlers Anonymous and receive credit on its respective page and in the table of contents. You will also get a free copy of the coloring book mailed to you.

If you plan on participating, you must follow the guidelines below:

Deadline October 7, 2014
Submission Guidelines:
  • Your art must be one-color (black), sized for a white page at 8.5" inches wide x 11" inches tall (aka portrait) and uploaded as a high-resolution JPG (saved at 300dpi)
  • To participate, you must agree to the terms below.


* Only JPG files (no larger than 20 megabytes) accepted


Coloring Book Vol 4 Submission Terms

I understand that Doodlers Anonymous does not claim any permanent ownership of my submission. I retain copyright and all other rights I already hold in the artwork submitted. I also confirm that I am the sole author of the artwork submitted. I promise that: no claims, litigation or other proceedings have been asserted or threatened relating to the submitted artwork; the reproduction of the artwork will not infringe the rights of others; and I agree to fully indemnify Doodlers Anonymous against any costs or damages relating to my submission.

I hereby grant to Doodlers Anonymous an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to publish the work in printed book form and electronically, as well as new editions published by Doodlers Anonymous, including e-book and interactive applications. This license shall be for the duration of copyright.

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